Michael’s $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

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Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews! Every once in a while (once a season I believe) Michael’s offers grab bags (or in this case boxes) for $2. Yes, $2!  They are pretty much filled with extra things that Michaels can’t sell, seasonal decorations, items that are being discontinued, etc. I heard this morning that grab bags were back so I called my local store to confirm and sure enough, they had them! I picked up 3 and here’s what they contained:

Box #1
Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Box #1 included 6 packages of Ashland “Artist Revival LED Mason Jar Tealights”.  The boxes are marked $19.99/each, so it’s a value of almost $120!  I absolutely love these and think they will be awesome with the acorns in the winter and just with the tealights on the patio in the summer.

Box #2
Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Box #2 was the yarn box! I received 28 skeins of Red Heart Wool, 1 skein of Isaac Mizrahi wool, scrapbook binders, 2 sets of chalkboard labels, 3 mini nutcrackers and two packs of mini burlap bags.  I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with all that yarn, but I am thinking I’ll need to make a brightly colored pom-pom wreath?

Box #3

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!

Michael's $2 Grab Bag Reviews!The third box was all Valentine’s items!  It’s way too much to list individually, but I received stamps, garden flags, mini puzzles, stickers, garland, tassel banners, etc.

I was expecting all of the boxes to be Valentine’s Day themed, but I was super pleased to discover that they were not!  I know that some Michael’s do “grab bags”, but my store did boxes and it seemed like they were more packed with items than normal! For $2/box ($6 total) I thought I did great!

Have you ever gotten a $2 Michael’s grab bag (box)?  What’d you get? Where you pleased?

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  1. WendyinCA

    Wow, what a deal! Love those tealights. Last year I bought 2 bags and got Halloween stuff. A sparkly black and purple wreath with a raven, orange & black pails, orange & white foam pumpkins, pumpkin garland and some other weird stuff I donated. I think they’re always a great deal- looks like you get your money’s worth & so fun to open a surprise!

  2. Jenny

    Oh I really need to go to Michaels and see if they have anything at mine.

  3. Jennifer

    These would be great to donate to schools! I had no idea Michaels even did this…

  4. Sarah

    Oh my word-that is an incredible deal!!! I love those lights-what a steal! Glad you got some good stuff. I think the bright pom pom wreath is a great idea!

  5. Nikki G

    These are awesome. I feel like the Michael’s around my house, and there are several, never have grab bags. So I’m super jealous of your finds!

    1. Jennifer

      They sell out super fast. If you don’t get there like the day they go on the floor, they are gone!

  6. Amanda G

    OMG why did I not know about this why lol.

    1. Jennifer

      I will try and remember to post when I hear about the next one (which I would assume would be after Easter)???

  7. Helen

    How on earth do you find out when Michael’s are doing these grab bags or boxes? I would be delighted with any of those boxes – stuffed full of wonderful!
    I don’t think my local Michael’s would be too thrilled if I called them every day to find out whether they’re selling grab bags.

    1. Jennifer

      I’ll try and post next time! I only knew abou this one because a girl in a Facebook group I am in mentioned that her store (she works at Michaels) just put them out. So I called my local store and sure enough they had them. They go super quick!!

  8. Jennifer

    I don’t know if this helps but I went to mine today and they were sold out. She told me that it’s usually after major holidays (valentines, Easter, 4th, Halloween, Xmas) as opposed to seasons. She said if you notice things at 80% off then soon after they usually have grab bags/boxes.

    1. Jennifer

      That is good to know! I am so looking forward to the Easter ones! I love Easter decorations and basket goodies!

  9. Jennifer

    It’s brilliant really, more stores should do it…..listening target?!?!?!

    1. Rebecca Miller

      Jenifer when will you post this again? I am an crafter that is way cool.

      1. Jennifer

        I haven’t picked one up lately, but I know they do them at least quarterly???

  10. Victoria. ? rose caceres

    Yesterday. I went. To michea. Store got 2?? gradbags I was so happy I didin know than did that keep me. Post it .

  11. Sophia

    Is there any way to know when they’ll do these grab bags or you just have to call all the time? Any particular time of day you recommend?

    1. Jennifer

      I’m not 100% sure. The Christmas ones should be coming soon, but I don’t think there is an exact date. If you call your local store they might have a better idea.

  12. Kristin

    My Michael’s put them out a day or two ago. They are stuffed with mostly Christmas stuff but also ALOT of stationary items. AMAZING DEALS!

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