So What Wednesday..

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I am way too excited about the new Super Bowl commercial with the Budweiser Clydesdales. Way too excited.  I hope they release it early.
~I always make B text me in the morning when he’s out of town. Someone has to make sure nothing happened to him you know?
~I feel like reading the Previously TV  forums about Teen Mom is almost as good as watching the show. Almost.
~I am a tad jealous of L’s field trip today. He gets to go see Mary Poppins! How fun is that?
~I want my POPSUGAR box to go ahead and ship already!
~I find the Iowa caucus system very confusing. When it gets really close they flip a coin to pick who wins? What?
~I want to read the new tell-all book Teresa Giudice has coming out.
~I am probably one of the only ones excited about that book.
~I don’t believe I have watched a single Oscar nominated movie this year.  In fact, I have never even heard of half of them.

What are you saying so what to this week?


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  1. Zelene

    I understand the morning message, I do the same, the problem with my husband is that he wakes up late so I am like the alarm too :D.
    My PopSugar Box is moving, and it supposed to be here on Friday, I really like the content this month, actually yesterday morning I was eyeing the foodstirs cookie set for my kids, they will love it, I know. I saw foodstirs in Sarah M Gellar instagram and it looks interesting, so lucky you posted the content yesterday before I ordered something 😀 Thank you

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! If something is wrong, I’d like to get to work on it right now. So odd!

      Ahh, I am so jealous!!!

  2. Britney

    Hahaha! I have my husband text me in the mornings and call me in the evenings when he’s put of town! I feel like I’m the only one that wants to read Leah Remini’s book, I keep forgetting to pick it up when I’m at the store!! But I realllllly want to read it!

  3. Melissa

    I got the message that my Popsugar box shipped… out of Newburgh, NY, which is a stone’s throw from where my aunt lives, and about a three hour drive from here. I feel like, maybe she could have gone and picked it up and brought it down for me???? Meanwhile, my box is apparently being carried here on foot, given that it’s not supposed to get here till Monday…

  4. Desiree

    Oh my goodness…I had no clue what previously tv forum was until now!! I have been laughing out loud reading the comments about Teen Mom! Love it and couldn’t agree more! Highly entertaining ?

  5. Stacey

    The Budweiser Clydesdales are going to be in parades here tonight and this weekend! I am so excited to see them in person again. Its been awhile.
    And yes, they always have the best commercials. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      They came to a local fair near me last summer and I was in awe. Such beautiful animals!

  6. Amy

    I’m excited to read Teresa’s book too.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank goodness I am not the only one.

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