Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box Review + Free Trial Offer 29

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Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own, and no compensation was received.
Story Surprise
Cost: $6.99/month
Ships To: United States
Coupon Code: Use coupon code “Mommy3” to get a free 3-month trial.

Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box Review Story Surprise is a monthly children’s book subscription box. Each month you will receive one surprise book based on your child’s age. Age groups are broken down by 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and Teen. A second book is available as an add-on for an additional $3.99/month.
Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box Review
Story Surprise ships via USPS. The company ships every business day and you can expect to receive your book about a week from the date you order.
Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box Review
I received packages for both L (he’s 7) and W (he’s 3) to review, but thought I would start with W’s box.
Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box Review
Our February 2016 Story Surprise (for a 3 year-old boy) included the following:

~The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn (Retail Price: $17.95Amazon Price: $10.99):  The Kissing Hand is probably one of my favorite children’s books.  It’s a classic and is just so sweet.  I have a friend who has been reading this book to her kids the night before the first day of school for years and years.  No matter how old (or how young) you are, this is an incredible book.
Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box Review

Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box ReviewI wasn’t too sure what to expect from this box, but I am blown away!  The value was amazing. I have been looking for an inexpensive kid’s book box for a while now and this is it.  I love that they offer books for a wide variety of ages – you can get a book for your toddler and one for your teen in the same box (ETA: add-ons must be for the same age group) and not spend a bundle.

What do you think of Story Surprise? If you are interested in ordering or want to learn more, you can check them out here and use coupon code “Mommy3” for a free 3-month trial.


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29 thoughts on “Story Surprise February 2016 Subscription Box Review + Free Trial Offer

    • Donna

      Hi! The code is not limited other than up to 3 per family/household. But no, we did not limit how many readers of this site were able to use it. Please be sure to go to the promo page to begin the process: – When you start from there, you shouldn’t have any problems. But if you do, by all means reach out to me and I will resolve for you. Donna@storysurprise dot com

      PS, We love your enthusiasm!

    • Casey

      THAT IS THE “SUPRISE RIDE” THE COMPANY IS GOING TO GIVE YOU..suprise once we get can’t CANCEL..As soon as I get my SUPRISE RIDE FOR 3 MONTANA running FAST AWAY..AND the only reason and signing up for this is bc I already told my kids and nephew it was coming bc got a confirmation that it was sent..Donna was not customer orientated what soever

  • Chanon

    Besides Michelle’s comment of finding a cancellation spot, my email I received after signing up states the following: “Monthly Promo (#sub-1month-promo)” and you have a 3 month free trial offer listed above. Is it one or three?

    • Jennifer Post author

      I am curious about the cancellation too (I signed up as well) and e-mailed Donna at Story Surprise. I will post updates to the cancelation policy and the trial when I hear back. It’s stated that the trial is 3-months here (Story Surprise commented with the offer), so it may be a weird wording thing? Either way I am following up!!

      Story Rebecca and Chelsey, you’ll love it! Use coupon code Mommy3 and get 3 months free compliments of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Be sure to go to and use coupon Mommy3.

      • Donna

        Hi Jennifer,
        After you receive your 3rd book, if you choose to cancel, you can just notify us (contact AT StorySurprise,com

        We offer the free trial to earn your business. We know you can buy children’s books at many types of stores online and brick and mortar. We work hard to maintain your business. After your free trial expires, you get a book valued at $13-$20 plus free shipping along with a goodie in the box (this month includes a book mark) for less than $7 a month. You will also be joining us on our journey to start a Reading Revolution!

        If you find the book selected is too difficult, too easy, or you have it already we will do whatever we can to ensure you are a happy reader! Thanks for your business ladies! We value each and every one of you!

        • Annie

          Hi Donna,

          If we sign up for the 3-month free trial and choose to continue, are we locked into an annual sub after that or a month-to-month? For cancellations, is there a date on which to cancel PRIOR to the next month’s shipment to ensure we don’t get charged for the next month? Thanks.

        • Casey

          It says next shipment is it going to hit my account on May..what about the next few months..according to UPS already shipped..but according to Donna she is going to chose which of my kids are privileged even tho I gave cc # and ordered additional books in the boxes..and bought it for my nephew and neices that are next door

    • Donna

      Hi – The note refers to the your purchasing one subscription. The promo code you had was for 3 months and you received that – no worries! I do believe we chatted via email today and I assured you of same. You are all set.

      I hope you love the service! Its been a huge hit and we are brand spanking new. More popular than our wildest expectations. I am sure you will love it too. After your free trial expires, you get a book valued at $13-$20 plus free shipping along with a goodie in the box (this month includes a book mark) for less than $7 a month. You will also be joining us on our journey to start a Reading Revolution!

      If you find the book selected is too difficult, too easy, or you have it already we will do whatever we can to ensure you are a happy reader! Thanks for your business ladies! We value each and every one of you!

      Donna Bliss AT StorySurprise dot com

  • Nat

    Does anyone else notice how “Donna” doesn’t actually answer anyone’s questions?

    Has anyone found a place to access your account information and manage your subscriptions? On their site they claim you must log into your account to cancel but that seems impossible to do since once logged in the only thing is a log out button! I’m afraid three months from now a lot of people are going to be charged and will probably just let it go since its only $6.99

  • Dakota

    I signed up and when I received the confirmation email there was the choice to cancel in the email. I didn’t try to click it but I’m assuming that’s how you cancel.

    • Donna Bliss

      Sorry you feel that way. We are giving away $50 retail in books to promote our brand new children’s book service. No one asked me to come on this site to answer questions. I just thought it would be nice if I replied to the readers here since many will not just use the service for a freebie but will be long term customers.

      What is it that you would like to know Nat that I did not answer? I’d be happy to do so. Here is my direct email

      If I am correct here are the answers in a row, to the question I see:

      1. You can cancel by sending a request to contact@storysurprise
      2. Currently the account management feature is not working as smoothly as we’d like (we launched this division of our business just 1 month and 3 weeks ago).
      3. You are receiving 3 free books (each valued at $13-$20) plus no shipping costs just to share with Subscription Box Ramblings Readers and introduce you to our business. We sure don’t make any money giving books away. But it sounds like a great way to show our service. In fact, the response has been so wonderful that the 3 month offer ends 2/17.16. A one month option will be available.

      The regular price of the service including shipping is just $6.99–an amazing value for your children. If you decide you’d rather sign up for a year and save money, the cost is $5.79 per month paid annually.
      4. Although its limited to one per family, if you ordered for 2 of your chldren, I let it go through. I’d hate to see one child not get a surprise! 🙂
      5. If you tried to order more than 2, you were offered 2 free promos with the option to purchase additional Surprise boxes for $6.99 a month–truly a fantastic deal.

      Hmmm I think that’s it. All set Nat?

      • Casey

        50 in retail..please do you get that amount..that would come to roughly 17.50 a month not including shipment..on books bought bc there is black marks down it..50??? Sorry my math must be mistaken..can you explain please. .

  • Casey

    I put in an order for my kiddos, and my nephew. It took “Donna” three days to respond,except that she kept on sending me..oh I am busy..It is true it is a pain in the butt to communicate..and trying to login to check is a HASTLE!! You cannot get updated info and when you for thru the account details it says shipped, but yet Donna says she is going to threaten my shipment. I also was trying to sign up for the three months free..and add books to the collection for a year for 6 kiddos..Hey who doesn’t like a great deal.. and Donna told me that I had to chose which kids…and that was AFTER sending my nephew the info on his new books..and no depending on it for my kiddos Valentines.I would say typical want your business..but having to chose EVEN AFTER adding the additional books..Felt like Donna acted andnd dditilnal if was andnd dditilnal privilege to have them be chosen..and not a customer choice.. and not a long term customer business decision.
    She also told me that she didn’t expect so much response from customers..sorry when you offer customers a business expect to be hit!!!.Then my account said shipped..and “Donna”repsonded chose two..So much easier to join book of the month..and chose the books that are sent..and not getting run around saying DHL is on the way..and giving me “fake” UPS DELIVERY STUFF for it not to go thru…VERY SHADY

  • Donna Bliss

    I’m so sorry. the rules are clear. The promo page clearly says one offer per family. I sent Casey a screen shot of it. But for your group using your subscription code I allowed 3. Casey wanted 6 and then another 6 for her multiple children and felt I was discriminating against people “who have lotsa of kiddos”. While we want to showcase our product we can’t give away a $50 free offer w free shipping for one customer 12x. It still is a business after all.

    Contact me directly if you’d like to speak further. Donna

    As for Casey, I wanted to work with her but her orders have since been canceled.

    • Casey

      1. Can you please explain how ordering six year long subscriptions is free product..A matter of fact going off of your math of math..I was trying to get the three months with the paid one year subscription..ALOT OF COMPANIES DO TWO FREE OR EVEN THREE MONTHS WITH PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS!

      2. I was not asking for ANYTHING FREE..I was simply getting a discount for two of my children..three kiddos that we has adopted because their mom had perished in a fire..and we wanted to wrap them up..and the last was for my nephew in Montana that has cancer…so your 12 you mentioned up top???not sure how you get 12.?? SO TWO FOR THE KIDS LIVINO under my for nephew and 3 so i,can wrap them up for kids.
      3.Please do not attack me on a public forum..Remember Donna I am a customer..and I would gladly recomend this company if I saw customer service..but as you said yourself you are up to your eye balls..I do hope that you get that under control trust me with your lack of customer will soon be so much easier to handleyou will lose making false accusations..Oh.and please don’t slander me on a public forum..#1;in customer service..the customer is always right..

      • Donna

        Casey pls read the email I personally sent you. I sent you a screen shot day 1 where I circled the promo terms for you. I offered you one free for all of your children. You rejected. I offered 3 subscriptions. You rejected. Sorry we could not please you Kasey1979. Truly in my heart I tried to do the best I could to please you.

        If you wish to discuss by phone here is my business #. 631-603-2026.

        Or you can email me. If you wish me to send all the replies I sent to you I can do that as well.

        Casey, I will no longer be discussing your issue on a blog (as much as I respect it and appreciate the love and support several hundred people from this blog have shown). Thanks to the rest of you for all the orders.

        My phone # and a direct email has been made available to anyone who has questions.

        Again, if the book is too hard, too easy or we just plain make a mistake, we will make it right.

        Casey, I wish you well.