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~Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that, whatever you did today (Valentine’s Day related or not) was fabulous! B sent me flowers a few days ago and really, even if he was home, I doubt we would have done anything extra special today.

~I am very excited about this Bachelor Celebration of Love special tonight! I had to google when I saw that “20” in the title.  Turns out this is just the 20th season of the Bachelor. It has not been on for 20 years (it’s been on for 14 years).  I have no idea who this couple is that is getting married, but I am watching anyway!
Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.47.33 PM

~The Subscription Box List is updated!  Go search away for some new boxes to try!  Next up is to format all of the Reviews so they show up like the Dottiebox, Allure, POPSUGAR, etc. ones do and not like the Birchbox, GLOSSYBOX, etc. ones do!

~Did you hear that Maci (from Teen Mom) is pregnant with #3?  It sounds like she just found out a few weeks ago and is due in May? And it turns out that all those kids really are Matt’s (Amber’s boyfriend).  Never a dull moment from the Teen Mom girls.  Hopefully this means that there will for sure be another season!

That’s it from here.  Have a great night!


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  1. Susan

    I am single once again on Valentine’s Day.. I was going to buy myself flowers today because there is nobody to buy me flowers but everybody and their penguin was flower shopping today. I decided that was a splurge for another day. Your flowers are gorgeous!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Flowers are always more expensive on Valentine’s Day too (which is why mine came early I think)! Tomorrow is probably a good flower day!!!!!

  2. Amber

    I was shocked about Maci! Did you see the size of her belly?! How did she just find out a few weeks ago!? Insanity! I hope they’re filming.

    1. Jennifer

      YES! Like wait, where did that come from that she just realized??

  3. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    I was shocked to see the due date was in May for Maci’s baby boy and that she just found out recently she was expecting. That being said I do have a closer personal friend who did not feel well and went to the hospital and delivered a baby girl that day! It was shocking to her and to everyone as she already had 5 children and had no clue she was pregnant or that she could even have anymore!..Her youngest at the time (3 years ago) was in high school!

    Where did you read about Matt and his 7 children? I hadn’t seen any updates on it…. I want to like Matt… but yet still am not sure about him…. hmm

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