So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~My Easter decorations are still up and I don’t see them coming down anytime soon.
~I always get excited for McDonalds Monolopy time. I still think I am going to magically win the million dollars with Boardwalk.
~I can’t believe that W is almost 4.  He claims that everything is going to change when he’s 4 (he won’t need our help with this, he’ll be able to do that, etc.), but I am not buying it.
~I wore my watch up-side-down for an entire day and never noticed till I went to take it off.
~I have no idea what everyone is talking about with Instagram and I really don’t care.
~I was this close to cutting my own hair again last night and until I recalled how badly it went the first time.
~I skipped the last PTO meeting and still somehow ended up volunteering for the Board.  How does that even happen?
~I like when repair people or delivery people text instead of call. How they know I am using a cell and not a landline is beyond me, but I don’t care.

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  1. Desiree

    I love the McDonalds Monopoly as well! I just wish I would win!!

  2. Ragan

    I think it is impossible to win at Monopoly. I don’t eat at McDonald’s anymore but back in high school I would have like 30 stamps a week, sometimes collected in multiple states, and I never won anything except like a free ice cream cone.

    Repair and delivery people may want to text me but they can’t because I give them my landline number. (I only turn my cell phone on maybe once every two months. A single charge lasts most of the year.)

  3. Amber

    Hi Jennifer,
    This is way of topic but have you heard anything regarding the Allure Thrills box for Spring 2016? Are they doing this box anymore?


    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t heard anything ;(.

  4. Mieke

    Random, but I got my Target box that I won from you today! Thanks so much, again! The polish is a gorgeous pinkypurple, my 2 year old is already rocking it 😛

  5. Mrs. L aka Rene

    Okay my little vent on the Instagram thing (and it’s probably not the vent you think).

    Do I agree that Instagram is now going to show me stuff out of order? Or show me what they think I want to see? Yeah. Not happy. I like things chronological. Do they think I’m dumb and I follow folks that I don’t want to see? And gee, I don’t follow the Sharks feed to see that they won before I see that it was tied in the second period.

    But this whole “turn on notifications so you don’t miss my posts” is a crock. If I turn on notifications for you, my electronic devices will buzz and tell me that you’ve posted. Great if you are the only one I follow. What if I do that for the 50 folks I follow? What if half those post more than once a day? My phone would constantly be buzzing, which I DO NOT WANT. Also, just because I get notified that you posted, doesn’t mean I will see that post. If you notify me at 10 am and I don’t get to Instagram until after lunch, your post isn’t magically the first I see. No, that post you buzzed me about at 10 am has now gone down into the Instagram feed and I will still need to go look for it. So unless we all have absolutely nothing to do all day long but get buzzed that someone has posted on Instagram and we immediately go to Instagram to find it, turning on notifications is not the best. If you follow someone and you know that they post regularly, just scroll back in your feed when you check IG. Or you can search that person and look up all their posts to find the recent ones. Or, if your buddies like your posts, you can always go and click on their names under Activity to get to them. By liking posts IG thinks those are the things you want to see so Like Like Like everything LOL.

    Where notifications do make sense, is if you follow folks that post contests or events that need immediately attention. A few notifications a day for that works for me (and you can stop the notifications once the contest is over).

    Folks are saying that this new “non chronological” stuff isn’t being rolled out for a while. Well, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones as there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for how and when things get added to my IG feed now. I see something that was posted 6 hours ago, preceded by something 10 minutes ago, then something 2 hours ago, then 1 hour ago, then 8 hours ago etc. Aren’t I just lucky!

    1. Jennifer

      Could you imagine if you turned on notifications for everyone? Like what? Who has time for that? My phone would literally blow up.

  6. Jenny

    So funny. C kept telling me things would change when he turned 5. Like he would eat steak meat when he is 5, he would start taking showers when he was 5, he would read his own books when he was 5 etc. Well he turned 5 and nothing has changed. LOL maybe when he is 6 😉

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