Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

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Nina Garcia Quarterly
Cost: $100/quarter (plus $8 shipping)
Ships To: United States.
Coupon Code: N/A

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
Quarterly is a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting. Quarterly Co. offers subscription boxes (which are shipped on a quarterly basis) from well known curators which are filled with things they love. This is the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box (#NGQ07).  If you aren’t familiar, she’s the Marie Claire Creative Director & Project Runway Judge.  This box is $100/quarter and was supposed to ship in March I believe.  The last box Nina Garcia Box we received was back  in October (and that was supposed to ship in July), so they really aren’t consistent with the quarterly thing. They don’t actually bill you until a few days before they ship though which is nice.
Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

Quarterly ships via FedEx Smart Post and took just a few days to arrive to me.  I am not sure I ever received a shipping notification for this.  It just showed up. Quarterly ships out of Wisconsin and I am in Michigan so it didn’t have to travel far.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

I saw the spoilers on this one yesterday (and I must admit I wasn’t too excited about them), but I was ready to check out everything in person.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

The Nina Garcia #NGQ07 Quarterly Co. box included the following items “that are not only trendy, but also very wearable”:

~Jules Smith Americana Choker (Rose Gold) ($98): Subscribers will receive either Rose Gold, Gold or Silver.  I received this in the Rose Gold.  Quarterly Co. revealed this choker as a spoiler for this box so I knew it was included.  I think it’s gorgeous, but it doesn’t look right on me (which I was expecting).  My neck isn’t long and thin and I really think the choker makes it look extra thick if that makes sense?  Still it’s beautiful and will make a great gift.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
~Baublebar Foliage Stud Duo ($34): From what I can tell from looking online, these were available at BaubleBar back in 2014. They are pretty and I don’t dispute that statement earrings are in style, but I wish they would have included something from the current BaubleBar line.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
~Headband by Jennifer Behr (Price Unknown): The information card describes it as a “chic silk knot headband”, but mine is not silk at all.  It seems to me like it’s some sort of linen / cotton blend?  Regardless of the material I can’t see myself wearing it for anything other than to keep my hair out of face when doing a face mask or washing my face.  The card says that it’s “the perfect topper to any outfit”, but I think this would take a pretty specific outfit to make it work?

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
~NYX Satin Finish Lip Cream Pencil ($6.50): I received this in Enamored, which is described as a deep brown with burgundy pearl.  I actually thought it was an eye shadow crayon at first because the color is so rich.  Applied lightly and topped with some lip gloss, I might be able to make this work, but it’s really dark, especially for Spring.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
~FACE Stockholm False Lashes #2 ($12): These lashes offer a combination of fine, short and long lashes and include a small tube of glue.  I have never mastered the art of applying false lashes, but I have some girlfriends who love them and will be thrilled to get these.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
~Eyeko Brow Gel ($25): According to the information card “brushed up brows” are back this season.  This gel is designed to condition, thicken and visibily improve the appearance of your brows.  I wouldn’t mind my brows being a little thicker so I will test this out and see how it works for me.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
~LOLO Makeup Bag (Pattern will vary) ($28): This is described as a cosmetics bag, but it is so tiny (it’s maybe the size of my hand) that it really could only fit a few lipsticks and some single shadows.  On the LOLA website it’s actually classified as a Change Purse and not a Cosmetics Bag. It really is more of a change purse and would be nice in a big beach tote or a larger tote. It’s cute, but it felt out of place in this box.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Review #NGQ07
All totaled (not including the headband since I cannot locate that online), I came up with a value of $203.50 for the Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box (#NGQ07).  Yes, it was above the $100 cost of the box, but I wasn’t feeling this one at all.  I didn’t think the items were very wearable (at least not for me personally) and overall were not a good fit for me.

Did you get a Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. box (#NGQ07)?  What variations did you get and what did you think of the box?

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  1. Heather

    I thought i read somewhere that Quarterly promised a $300 value, pretty far from that. Maybe i read that wrong

    1. Jennifer

      That must be some expensive headband!!!

  2. Nina

    The headband was marked down 70% on Jennifer Behr’s website at $48. I am beyond disappointed. Quarterly promised SS16 trends straight from the runway and all we get is some overstock from way back seasons.

    I cancelled all my Quarterly subscriptions. I do not want to be fooled again.

  3. Ks

    I don’t know why people are complaining. This is a great April Fools box. That’s the theme…right?

  4. Bo

    Looks like a ton of tacky leftovers from a wholesale close-out deal to me.
    Anyone know how many Garcia boxes ship per … whenever?

    I have seen some over-priced tacky junk in some newer women’s sub boxes- the kind that I see NO hope for long term success- but this may be the worst curated box for the price, and considering what Nina Garcia’s career is, ever.

    Does anyone think she still curates anything in this mess? I’d do a chargeback so fast their heads would spin. I guess that’s just me and my sense of paying in good faith and getting tacky junk, like the several years old earrings from a cheap retailer when they were brand spanking new.

  5. Jami(gladididntsubtothis)Waid

    This is just a big box of no! Some of the earlier boxes were really nice, so I have contemplated subbing to this. Woo hoo, did I dodge a $100 bullet! Sorry for the victims of this fiasco, I would definitely try to get my money back.

  6. Lily

    The solid color headbands are the ones silk, the patterned ones are not. Of course, not only did I get the patterned, it’s also a weird design and bile green color. And that lip color is hideous. I did love the choker, so there’s that at least. Sigh.

  7. Sarah

    I’ve seen the LOLO brand coin purse/cosmetic bags at TJMaxx and Marshall’s. Maybe even the same one ….

  8. Phxbne

    I just cannot believe Nina actually curated this…..
    I got #NGQ06 and was so disappointed I got a full refund. I tweeted Nina about it too … response, which disappointed me even more.
    I love your reviews – thanks for all you do.

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