Wantable Makeup Review – April 2016

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Wantable Makeup
Cost: $40/month.
Ships To: United States (Free), Canada ($6), United Kingdom ($7) & Australia ($10).
Coupon Code: N/A

Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review
Wantable offers five different types of subscription boxes. This box is their makeup box, which includes 4 to 5 full-sized premium makeup products, hand-picked to perfectly match your preferences. They also offer intimates, fitness, style and accessories boxes, again customized to your preferences.  And unlike the majority of other subscription boxes, Wantable allows you to return the box if you aren’t totally 100% happy. They also allow you to return a just portion of your box if you want!  Wantable lists “Your Price” on the information card along with the “Retail Price” so you can easily determine the amount of credit you will receive if you opt to return certain items.  If you end up keeping your entire box, a credit of $4 will be posted to your account – making your next box $36.
Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review
Wantable ships via USPS and took just a few days to arrive.  Wantable (typically) ships at the same time each month based on when you originally subscribed.  So if you subscribed at the end of the month, your box will always ship at the end of the month.
Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review

The first look was pretty good!

Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review

Like I mentioned before (and like I do every month), you can totally customize your Wantable box. You fill out a questionnaire telling them what you Love, Like and Dislike. You’ll get more of the things you Love, some of the things you Like and none of the things you Dislike. It also asks about color preferences and that sort of thing. Eyeliner is my only dislike and that seems to be working out well. Wantable has also launched the “My Stream” which includes product and customer photos of items from Wantable boxes. You can scroll through the images, and if you see something you love, you can request it in your next box.

Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review

My April 2016 Wantable Makeup Box contained the following items:

~FACEBASE Luxury Mascara (Retail Price: $36, Your Price: $14.85): So far so good with this.  I gave it to a friend to test and she was impressed with how it lengthed and didn’t clump.  I personally have grown to prefer a longer applicator, but that’s just me.

Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review~Manna Kadar Lip Locked – Lucky (Retail Price: $24, Your Price: $9.90): So I usually love lip glosses and this one is pretty good, but it got me thinking about items that people return. What does Wantable do with the returned makeup items?  This wasn’t sealed and while I don’t *think* it was used, how would I know?  Does anyone have any insight into how they deal with returns?  Where does that tested / unsealed makeup go?  The mascara I received was sealed and I could tell the other items were new as well, but this just got me very curious.  I will reach out and report back.

Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review
Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review

~Mineral Hygienics Mineral Eyeshadow – Rocha (Retail Price: $13, Your Price: $5.36): This is a beige / almost gold shimmery shadow.  It’s very flattering and not TOO sparkly.  I would consider this to be a necessary neutral.

Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review

~29 Cosmetics Grape Seed Age Protecting Bronzer (Retail Price: $24, Your Price: $9.90): I am always in need of bronzer but this is too dark for me.  I need to remember to change my profile preferences on shades. Still it was only $10, so I am thinking I will keep it and save it for later this summer.
Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box Review
Wantable Makeup April 2016 Subscription Box ReviewAll totaled, my April 2016 Wantable Makeup had a value of $97. That’s an amazing value for Wantable and I wish my Intimates boxes had that kind of value!

Do you subscribe to Wantable?  If so, what’d you get in your box (makeup, accessories, intimates, fitness or the new style edit) this month? And if you don’t subscribe, what are you waiting for? There is no risk involved so why not?

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  1. Annie

    It never occurred to me that someone would return used makeup. I assumed the return policy applied only to un-sampled, still sealed items. Ewwwwwww.

  2. Alisa

    I hv tossed bk & forth about wanting to try it or not. After seeing the above review I’m glad I didn’t for that amount of money I think you need more items than that. And the price value they list is no where close to actual value. Suggested retail value type of thing. Nothing about that box deserves my 40 bucks.

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