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~Happy Sunday! I mentioned it yesterday, but L’s Spring Carnival was Friday night (I was the Chair) and I am so happy it’s over. It’s a ton of planning and a ton of work, but it went awesome. The weather was absolutely perfect, we had great volunteers and our vendors all arrived on time! We had photobooths, inflatables (bounce houses and an obstacle course), airtbrush tattoos, a face painter, a dunk tank, games, ice-cream, kettle corn, hot dogs, basket raffles and the middle school band even came to perform. We had a huge turnout and I think everyone had fun! Phew!

~I picked up some Target One Spot Patriotic / 4th of July decorations last week and decided to put them up today. It was either that or put them in the storage room for a week or two and I thought that seemed silly (and I really wanted to put them up).  I LOVE the decorations they have in the One Spot and you seriously can’t beat their prices.
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~It’s Kate Spade Surprise Sale Time!  I’m not too sure how people find out that the sale is on, but I saw the link posted so I thought I would share.  I am currently trying NOT to buy the flamingo wallet and kind of hope it sells out soon so I won’t be tempted anymore.Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 4.07.48 PM
~Does anyone have any recommendations for a good sparkling water?  I am always trying to drink less Diet Pepsi (and never really doing well at it) and think if *maybe* I could find a good fizzy water (I like the bubbly taste) it would be easier?  I picked up a few different ones at Target and I am not sure i am sold yet.  I know some people swear by LaCroix, but I can’t talk myself into liking it (at least none of the flavors I have tried so far).  Any ideas??

That’s it from here!  Have a great night!

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  1. Samantha

    Seriously, I have gone through multiple stages over the past 15 years trying to force myself to like la croix. It never worked until my last pregnancy and then I started to at least appreciate it. I like the ones in the longer bottles the best-they sell them at target. Also, I get the big box at Costco and mix in a little lemonade and it makes a big difference. Keep trying, don’t give up! ?

  2. Margaret

    I don’t know if you shop at Whole Foods, but they have a great sparkling water. I love the lemon raspberry, strawberry, and citrus. Plum Market has a brand, Field Day that had some great flavored water… I love the orange and grapefruit.

  3. Britney

    Must. Resist. Sale.

  4. Jamie L

    I swear by Ice Mountain Sparkling water in orange, lemon and black cherry. I get them in a variety pack at Cosco, but they sell singles at Kroger.

  5. Valerie

    I like the sparkling waters from Trader Joe?s ? lemon and lime.

  6. Sarah

    sparkling ice is sold at Kroger and walmart and those have been my favorite. I like the kiwi strawberry flavor the best. I’ve never liked la Croix either…maybe one day i’ll grow up ;P

  7. marilyn

    Love my sparkling water so much! My favorite is LaCroix. They have 2 versions, regular and the Curate. My favorite regular flavor is apricot, and in the curate, strawberry/pineapple. If you are looking for stronger flavor, I would try Polar -at least at Wegman’s there are a ton of flavor choices. Other options for me are the Perrier pink grapefruit, but only on sale. Dasani, not a fan and buy if desparate.

    I prefer unsweetened beverages, but if you like something sweeter, I would suggest trying San Pelligrino flavors first and work your way to seltzer.

  8. Zelene

    I did not know it was time of Kate Spade surprise sale, but yesterday I went to the outlets and I found a flamingo tote and the matching flip fops, they were having a 60% + 20% so I had tu buy it, it is so cute 😀 and they flip fops with so many flamings, I just totally had to do it 😀

  9. Sarah

    Have you ever tried the coconut la croix? It is the only one I truly truly like. The tall skinny cans are also good, but too pricey! The trader joes cherry lime la croix “wanna be” is delicious as well!

  10. Alicia

    I love the Clear American sparkling waters at Walmart! They are super cheap like 68 cents for a big 34 oz bottle or they have 12 packs of cans for around $3 and they have tons of flavors! My favorites are pineapple coconut and peach. And they make perfect mixers with vodka 😉

    1. Jennifer

      I was actually thinking about those. I *think* they are the ones I used to love. I know I used to get some super good ones at WalMart. I need to make a trip!

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