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1. What activities / vacations / day trips / projects do you have planned for summer? We have no real “set” plans other than a few weddings, but we want to go to the new Legoland Discovery Center that just opened near us, to a few Minor League baseball games (a new stadium also opened near us), up-north (of course) and I’d really like to do a day trip to Mackinac Island (that’d have to be while we are already up-north).  B has some overseas traveling to do this summer and he’s not totally sure about the dates, so we’ll be playing things by ear.  What about you? What do you have planned for the summer?

2. If you have kids, when do they get out of school for summer? We’ve still got another few weeks which is pretty standard here in Michigan. We don’t start school until after Labor Day, so we end up going till mid-June.  L has a field-trip, field-day and a bunch of other fun stuff going on in the next few weeks, so it should go fast!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s answers!

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  1. Zelene

    My kids start summer vacations last May 25th, it is incredible how fast went this scholar year, this was my girl fist year in school, it was hard but we made it 🙂 Now, about the plans I did not plan a lot like I should but I think it will be visits to close places, like sea world, six flags, the beach (we went yesterday and the weather was amazing – at least for rainy Texas -), and you gave me the idea to go to the legoland in Dallas, my kids are pretty big lego fans 🙂

  2. Casey

    I can’t stop laughing at the fact that for my whole life I have thought the phrase was “play it by year” which makes no sense.
    Also I was wondering if you have ever asked what in the world people do with all the ipsy pouches they receive? I have not been subscribed for a long time but I still have a giant pile of pouches and I have no idea what to do with them.

    1. Jennifer


      That’s a good question because I have been getting it so long! I will use them to organize my purses mainly. And then for office supplies and stuff. A friend of mine runs a “Purse Project” where they get donations of purses with “lovely things” in then, so the next time they do that I am going to fill a bunch of them up with supplies and donate!

    2. Jenny

      I have a ton of them too but about once a year I give them to my mom who donates them to her church for their Room at the Inn ministry. They will fill them with toiletries for the ladies who come into that that. I also donate a lot of my samples that I’m not going to use to it too and the ladies are always so appreciative. Maybe something around you that you could donate them too?

  3. Laurel

    My son got out of school on May 17, but he’ll be back in school by mid-August. He’ll be in summer camp most of the summer, but we’ll try to go to the beach, my mom’s farm and maybe a few other small trips, too.

  4. Britney

    Project: Paining my darn kitchen… I’ve been procrastinating.
    Trips: I have a girls trip in Wimberley with my sister and two best friends from high school in July… we’re going on wine tours. Other than that, probably just the beach since our cruise is in October.

  5. mary m

    1.) We’re going to a town called Stehekin which is in north central Washington. We’ve never been before, and it looks absolutely gorgous! We’re going for a wedding, and it’s only a long weekend. The fun part is it’s only accessible by boat or plane, or hiking in. We’ll be taking the ferry 😉 Kids have some summer camps scheduled, and my nephews and niece will be out for visits as well.

    2.) Similar school schedule here. Big kids are done June 15th. School restarts Wednesday after Labor day.

  6. Jenny

    You know we have year round here. So C is out of preschool already but N goes until June 30th and then he starts 3 rd grade on July 11th. C goes for one day of Kindergarten on the 12th and then starts for good on the 18th. Crazy I know but they only go until the 26th and then are out for 3 weeks.

    So with that schedule we are going to the beach with friends the week of the 4th and then when they are out in Aug we are going to head up to Boston for a week. I’m not sure what else we will get to work in around that. I know we want to go to the zoo, hit the museums downtown here, and spend time at the pool. Besides school it will be a laid back summer here.

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