Birchbox Update / Explanation from Birchbox Founder

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Birchbox has released a video giving a few more details about the changes they are making to their point system. It sounds as though the points system was NOT sustainable to the company and changes were necessary to keep Birchbox moving forward.

If you missed the original post about the changed to the system, here is it:
Birchbox Point System Updates
 Point System Changes:

~Points will now be able to be spent in any increment. You will no longer have to wait until you earn 100 points ($10) to redeem them.
~Points earned will now expire 6-months after you have earned them.
~Only the first 5 samples you receive from July 11th onward will be able to be reviewed. (Points will NO LONGER be earned monthly on reviews).

All changed take effect on July 11, 2016.

What is Birchbox?
Birchbox ($10/month) offers 4-6 (sometimes more) hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door each month.

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  1. Megan

    Just wanted to note that you might want to change your “what is Birchbox?” section. I am so sad about the change in points. I ended up canceling, my samples were just not cutting it anymore and without points not worth it.

    1. Jennifer

      Oops! You are right! I changed it.

  2. Staci H.

    Honestly, this makes sense. And I appreciate them reaching out to their customers to explain. The points were so great, and really upped the value for me. I have an annual sub until November. I will give it until then and see how their monthly boxes are and decide whether or not to cancel at that time. In all reality though, their samples and sizes really are going to have to improve by then for me to keep this sub. I took the small sizes fine when we were getting points as well but now I expect to be wowed a little bit more with the contents of the box.

  3. Alecia

    My yearly subscription started over in March, but when it’s over, I’m cancelling. I justified the perfume samples and tiny samples with the point system, but since they’re cutting that, I can’t justify keeping it especially when other boxes send out full sized items for the same price point.

  4. Mary

    I’m confused. Where does it say you no longer earn points for reviews? I don’t see that. I just see that they expire….

    1. Jennifer

      It’s in the third bullet point in their e-mail.

      1. Mary

        I was confused like many others. When I got the email I thought it meant only 5 reviews per month. I know that was an issue a while back since people got different numbers of items. This is really too bad. I wonder what they will do to make up for this huge loss to the subscriber?

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