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Dear Wifi, I don’t know why you keep going in and out, but it’s driving me nuts.

Dear Sams Club, I think I love you.

Dear Swimming, Thank you for making a daytime swim team session this summer. So awesome!

Dear Eco Flower, I’m ready for another Mystery Box event!

Dear Sephora, I have been checking non-stop for this years Sun Safety Kit to go online, but so far, nothing. I could go to the store since you are only 10 minutes for me, but I feel like as soon as I go get it, it’s going to appear online. And since the GWP’s are better online I’ll wait it out.

Dear My New Mailman, I’m sorry.  I know you think I am nuts.  I’d explain why I get so many packages, but I think you’d think I was even crazier.

Dear Volunteer Breakfast, You were fabulous and made moving all those tables for the M2M Sale worth it!  Plus, it’s so fun to see all the other parents when we aren’t all busy, well, volunteering!

Dear The Tigers, I swear every time I watch a game you lose.  I am sorry.  I will stop watching.

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  1. Jessica

    I cannot watch my favorite baseball team for the same reason. On the rare occasion I see them on tv, as soon as I start to watch, the other team starts doing very well.

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