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~Good evening. B had National Guard so it was just the little boys and I all weekend. We did lots of playing outside, went grocery shopping, finished up the laundry, went to the playground and really just enjoyed the nice weather.
~The internet is right, Halo Top ice-cream is amazing.  Well, I mean it’s not Ben & Jerry’s good, but for 280 calories per pint, it’s fantastic. So far (I haven’t tried all their flavors), I would rank them 1) Birthday Cake, 2) Mint Chip and 3) Lemon Cake.
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 7.15.37 PM
~I posted about the Member’s Mark Yeti knock-off cups I bought at Sams Club (they come two in a pack for $19.98) on Instagram and thought I would give an update.  They are incredible.  They are essential exactly the same as a Yeti cup without the crazy price tag.  B takes his to work everyday and LOVES it.  I guess they have the single cups at WalMart for about $10 (even less for the 20oz) so if you have been wanting a Yeti, just go to WalMart (or Sam’s).
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 7.23.38 PM
~And finally, I have been trying all day to think of the right words to describe what happened in Orlando and all I can come up with is senseless.  My heart goes out to everyone affected.

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  1. Callie

    It was absolutely gorgeous here today too. Yesterday was so hot, but today was just right.

    I know you don’t usually talk about current events on your blog, but thank you for saying something about Orlando. Senseless.

    1. Jennifer

      Completely senseless. ;(

  2. Zelene

    I want to try thoses ice creams, I am big ic fan and the practically are negating my exercise time hehehehe, did you find them in krogers?

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! They were in the special freezer with the gluten-free, organic stuff. If your Kroger doesn’t have that section I would assume they are just in with the regular ice-cream!

  3. Susan

    Man I normally exercise and try to eat clean but I kind of fell off the wagon last night and ate a pint of Ben and Jerry. I am totally going to have to look at this halo top for next time!

    Man oh man I did the foot thing we got in one of the popsugar boxes last weekend and kept thinking all week that it didn’t work at all. Now my feet are looking sooo nasty!!! It is totally working! I wonder why it takes so long.

  4. Kelsey Ellen

    I feel like I’ve been walking around in a haze since I heard about Pulse.

    I’ve gotten extremely involved with the gay community in Orlando because of my love of drag. I could have been there – had plans to go next week to see a show. I can’t wrap my head around any of it.

    I feel like a child in a world I just can’t understand.

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