GLOSSYBOX July 2016 Box Variations

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GLOSSYBOX July 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Codes
From the looks of it (check out the #GLOSSYBOX hashtag on Instagram(*)), there are quite a few variations in the July 2016 GLOSSYBOX.  Here are the two I received:

Review Box
GLOSSYBOX July 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon Codes
The box had a value of $79.90 and included:
~Fango Essenziali Sheet Mask (Moisturize) ($7)
~Leighton Denny Miracle Mist (75mL) ($16)
~Eyeko Fat Eye Stick (Satin) ($12)
~NUXE Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse (3.3oz) ($45 $31.50) (Duplicate from Holiday 2015 Box)
~Glov Quick Treat ($5)
~Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua (0.16fl.oz) ($8.40) (Duplicate from March 2016 Box)

Purchased Box

GLOSSYBOX July 2016 Box VariationsThe box had a value of $54.97 and included:
~Fango Essenziali Sheet Mask (Purify) ($7)
~Leighton Denny Miracle Mist (75mL) ($16)
~Eyeko Fat Eye Stick (Satin) ($12)
~Glov Quick Treat ($5)
~Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil (8oz) ($11.99)
~Sinfulcolors Sinfulshine Top Coat ($2.98) (The June 2016 GLOSSYBOX had a Sinfulcolors polish in it.)

If you got the July 2016 GLOSSYBOX, which variations did you get this month and what’d you think?

Note: It does not appear that all boxes include the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse (the Shimmer Oil) as was originally promised in the GLOSSYBOX spoilers.  I will update if we hear more about this.

(*) Don’t forget that pictures of the UK and German GLOSSYBOX boxes are also mixed in there.

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  1. Melissa

    No offense to you, but this is a good example of how the bloggers/professionals are getting the higher-end boxes and the rest of us regular folk seem to get the one of lesser value. I received the second box you show with the shaving oil and top coat. I don’t mind variations in boxes, but they should all be of equal value. There is almost a $25 difference in these two boxes and I don’t think that’s fair. And again, no offense, but I’m paying for mine. Your ‘review box’ was probably free, and you paid for your second box and note how they’re different. Anyway, all the more reasons I have to drop GB. It’s just not fair and they don’t seem to care. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Jennifer

      I know what you mean, but it looks like some people (that don’t have blogs) on Instagram also got the “Review” box I received. I don’t know if it was a higher value because it had a left over product in it or what, but I do agree that if boxes do variations they should be equal in value. Or at least very close!

  2. Laurie Hancock

    I haven’t recieved mine yet, but I do agree that bloggers and the other professionals get the higher end products. I just had the exact samething happen with Ipsy, the box the reviewer received was 10 times better then the one I got, so i’m about ready to cancel that subscription.

  3. Lauren

    I could not agree more. I got a combination of the two. The best thing I received was the shave oil. Then two masks and the make up remover and the eyeshadow stick with the other items it was the worst box ever I thought all July boxes were supposed to have the nuxe oil in it. I reached out to them and she said no. So basically, I received a shave oil and a couple foil packages and The ugliest almost blackeyeshadow stick which I’m about to throw away!!

    1. Jennifer

      Did you get the nail polish spray?

  4. Alecia

    I got the lower value box this month, but I didn’t get the nail polish last month, so I figure the two boxes balance each other out. I agree with Laurie about Ipsy. I don’t like when there’s such a difference in values and emailed them this month about it. The response I got said there was no way to get the values close and how the majority of the bags this month were worth $30. Then on another blog I read, someone posted that Ipsy told them that their goal is to make the bags have a close value. That’s fine if the bags are all around $30, but when some of them are worth $100 in the same month, it’s frustrating, and I don’t like how you get different answers depending on who emails you back.

    1. Jennifer

      Some of my ipsy’s are low and some are high. I feel like it all averages out with them. I had been getting an overload of eyeliner,but not so much lately (which I am super happy about). I mentioned it somewhere else, but my ipsy profile is totally blank!

  5. Jay

    My Glossybox this month was soooo disappointing. I got the lowest value variation I’ve seen yet:

    -Fango mask ($7)
    -glov-on-the-go ($5)
    -eyeko stick ($12)
    -nail polish drying spray ($16)
    -sinful colors “step 2 topcoat ($3)
    -Sabon shower oil in delicate jasmine 1.7 oz (~$2.23)

    Total value: $45.23

    What a joke! The value is half that of Jennifer’s review box. How is the complimentary-hotel toiletry-sized shower gel in any way a equitable “variation” on the Nuxe oil, which costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-50, or even the Tree Hut shaving oil, which is at least full size?

    Not only that, but this stupid shower “oil” (it’s a bath gel) isn’t even on the info card in my box. The 6th item on my card is something called “Glow for a Cause” solid perfume, so it looks like I got a variation on my variation.

    Honestly, the only *good* thing about this box is I am on the Gilt City year subscription. If I had paid full price for this box o’ disappointment, I would be livid.

    1. Jennifer

      The shower gel isn’t even a good substitute for the shave gel in my opinion. I would totally e-mail.

  6. Kathy

    I had finishe my sub a few months back and saw the advert for the Nuxe oil and reupped with a monthly just for that oil! I will be highly disappointed if that’s not in my box! And I will be canceling if it’s not!

    1. Jennifer

      From the looks of Instagram, not many people are getting the shimmer oil they advertised (I got the dry oil)!!

  7. Becky

    It’s July 25th and I have yet to receive my July box. The tracking doesn’t show received yet by Fedex. I contacted Glossybox and they just sent me another tracking # that hasnt shown updates since info. sent to fedex July 20. Anyone else having this problem? My previous boxes for 1.5 years were all delivered within reasonable time.

  8. Beth

    I just got mine today, so dissapointed, I got the stupid tiny sabon gel that you can’t even get out of the bottle.
    No luxe oil… heck I would have been ok if I got the shave oil to try!
    Glossybox… sigh, i’m pissed.

    1. Jennifer

      I would totally e-mail them!

  9. Beth

    Thanks I did, waiting for a response

    They have an automated response saying they are being swarmed with customer e-mails right now so please be patient with their response time… ha looks like they have a lot of people not very happy with them.

  10. Michelle

    This was my very first box. I didn’t know which products to expect given the talk of variations, but I was pleased to see that I got the higher valued box! I’m loving the Nuxe and Too Faced, both great products! Looking forward to trying out everything else, especially the nail spray. With the purchase of this box I got 2 free boxes, both exceptional boxes as well, very high value!! Excited to get more boxes from Glossybox!

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