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Dear My Allergies, I hate you. I am unclear where you came from, but these past few years have been bad. I am hoping you disappear just as quickly as you popped up.

Dear Football, I am so glad you are back.

Dear Third Grade, You sound intense! We’ll do our best to keep L on track here at home, but I’m pretty sure I am going to need a class in common core math to make this happen.

Dear Ellen, You are the best.  I can’t get through one episode of your show without getting all the feels.

Dear That Package, You still haven’t moved from the neighboring town where you landed over a week ago.  I am beginning to think that I will never see you.  And I will never find out what you were either.

Dear Target Slippers, It would have been weird to test you out in the dollar spot where I found you, but I didn’t expect you to be SO squeaky.  For $5 though, I don’t mind.

Dear Dollar Tree, I need to come check out your fall decorations.  It just occurred to me that you may have just what I am looking for (small fake un-carved pumpkins for like $1).

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  1. Zelene

    Did you see the small pumpkins in Target in the dollar spot? It is a set of 4, they are not carved, just different colors, I bough some for my little girl, she like to decorate and undecorate pumpkins 😀 so these are perfect.
    We once had a package that arrived like 3 months later, we had actually forgotten we ordered something.
    Third grade has been the most difficult grade for my boy (he is now in 5th), so much new knowledge, and yes you will need to review your math to help with homework, I used to check what they have for the week and reviewed it before so I did not look as I did not know hehehehe.

    1. Jennifer

      No, I will have to look!

      “They” say that the odd grades are the hardest! The showing of work for the math is the hardest for me. I know the answer, but I look at the work like what???

  2. Chandra

    I ordered a past Beauty box 5 box and it shipped on Aug 14 and the last I looked it was still in enroute from Houston. I emailed them and they said it was lost in the mail and theyre sending me a new one. So I guess lost mail goes where all the lost socks go…

    1. Jennifer

      HA!!!!!! I think all my lost socks are somewhere in my washing machine which causes it to break every other time we use it!

  3. Courtney Dong

    Teacher here! We use GoMath at my school (Schaumburg, IL). Ask your teachers for resources or online access to tutorials. I give all my kids access because it can be really hard to learn and explain a new way to do math. Especially multiplication and all the “pre multiplication” stuff.

    1. Jennifer

      Great idea! Thank you!

  4. Greta underhill

    Ha, I never go to Dollar Tree, but I went today to get a birthday card and bought a candy cane scarf for $1. It was pretty cute.

    1. Jennifer

      The Dollar Tree is THE BEST dollar store in my opinion!

      1. Greta Underhill

        Whoops, not candy cane, candy corn!!

        1. Jennifer

          I totally thought you meant candy cane and I didn’t even give it a second thought that the Christmas decorations were out already!

  5. Kathy

    Jennifer – have you tried using essential oils for your allergies? If not… Find a pure brand of oils that say you can use them orally(Most do not). Use 2 drops each of Lavender, Lemon and peppermint, 2 or three times a day…. Works!

    1. Jennifer

      I have not! Do you literally just put two drops on your tongue? Sorry of that’s a dumb question.

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