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1. Are you a fan of pumpkin spice “everything”? I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan (I don’t love PSL’s from Starbucks), but I don’t mind a little pumpkin every now and then either. In fact, I just picked up some stuff to make pumpkin muffins last night at Kroger. That’s what made me think of this because I swear there were only two cans of pumpkin left in the entire store!

2. Do you have a favorite candle scent? Brand? I love candles, but I am not sure there is a specific brand I love. I do enjoy Bath & Body Works candles, but I think a lot of that has to do with the price and the huge variety of scents they offer. NEST candles are amazing, but expensive.  Honestly though, I just love them all!

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  1. Jennifer Davis

    You can’t go wrong with a candle. Even dollar store ones get the job done. I love the Better homes and gardens candles from Walmart. Fresh linen is my favorite, but while I was pregnant it made me so sick. I like cinnamon and pumpkin scents for the fall but as soon as thanksgivings over in comes the evergreen until New Years.

    1. Jennifer

      I could not agree with you more. You can’t go wrong with any candle!

  2. Lori

    Candles are something I’m willing to spend some money on. I love Yankee Candle, Nest, Voluspa, and when I’m feeling like I want to splurge I’ll buy a Jo Malone candle. Those feel like such a luxury!

  3. Brianna

    I do like some pumpkin spice stuff, but I tend to go for things with actual pumpkin in them, and I get a really good pumpkin spice blend from The Spice House to add to baked stuff or coffee. So…not like chapstick. Lol. We do LOVE the Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake mix, a fall/winter staple in this house. We eat them with apple butter.

    I haven’t been burning many candles lately because I have a 14month old and a 4 year old and I do not trust them. They climb. Most fragrances are way too strong for me anyway.

    1. Jennifer

      I felt the same way when my kids were little. I just didn’t feel comfortable with them around candles!

      I will check out the pumpkin pancake mix!

  4. Kathy

    I have loads of candles saved up… Forget to use them! Except for around this time of year! Time to go look in my stash!

    I was oblivious to the pumpkin craze until I walked through my local Costco Bakery area and they were putting out some of the pumpkin streusel muffins…smelled heavenly! I resisted and have been craving them ever since. My Husband is not a true fan of pumpkin… But if I can put cream cheese frosting on it, he’s more than happy to consume it! I just found this recipe on FB and it seems to be just what I was wanting to make! Planning to make this soon!

  5. Britney

    I only like pumpkin spice in my pumpkin pies and candles scents.
    I love scented candles, I rarely walk of the store without a new one. My favorites are Morenci Candles… I think they’re mainly sold in Texas, but they’re the best. I love cinnamon and spicy scents the best!

  6. Kristin

    I love most things pumpkin spice, however I’m not a Starbucks PSL fan. My latest obsession is a Peets almond milk latte with two pumps of maple (large). Yum!

    I LOVE candles….but I’m particular about the scents. I do like some of the BBW scents but my all time favorite was the Illuminations Fresh Air scent….I still mourn the loss. 😉

  7. Amber

    I love candles, especially fall candles! I typically buy mine at TJMaxx or Home Goods, and just go for whatever smells the best!

  8. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Candles always make me sneeze so I never use them…

    I don’t go too pumpkin crazy…but do like the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios that are out right now… I found a recipe online to use them to make a crust for a pumpkin pie. We are a Canadian/American household so we celebrate two Thanksgivings every year..Will be trying the pie in a couple weeks for Canadian Thanksgiving… 🙂

  9. Lori

    Oh my! That Jo Malone advent calendar looks so great!

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