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1. Are you going out shopping for Black Friday? I’ll probably go to Target at some point on Black Friday (30% off clothing!), but there is no way I will be there on Thanksgiving night when they open. I do wish I could snag the $99 Nintendo 3DS for L, but hopefully I can pick that up somewhere online. I think that’s the only big ticket item on his list this year.  Well, that and a Nerf drone thing, but I don’t think that’s happening. If you are headed out, what’s your plan? Do you go out after Thanksgiving dinner? Super early Friday morning? Where are shopping and what are you looking for?

2. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? We are headed to my Aunt’s for dinner. We eat late (late for Thanksgiving anyway) because some of my family goes to the Lion’s game in the afternoon. There is a big parade downtown in the morning, but we usually just watch on tv ;). I am thinking about taking the boys downtown the night before so they can check out the floats up-close. They line them all up at the start of the parade route and I have heard it’s amazing.  As long as it’s not raining, I’m going to try to go.

I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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  1. Jenny

    I don’t plan to go out much on Black Friday and like you will not be in the rush. I did talk to them at my Target and they said the first couple hours on Thursday are crazy and then its dead so maybe you should stop in on your way home from dinner 🙂 It will be after the rush of Thursday and before the Friday morning people. LOL
    We are doing a small meal at my house. Just 8 people this year with my family and then my parents and grandparents. We normally have close to 20 when we do it so this will be so much easier. 🙂

  2. Margaret

    We’re going to the Lions game! My husband wants us to go to the Hockeytown cafe before the game. He said we should be able to see the parade from there. I’m not looking forward to the crowds or the parking prices, but it will still be fun!

  3. Lia

    1. NEVER! I’ve done the Black Friday thing once with a friend’s family and HATED it. The crowds- the pressure- no thank you. I do try to get out to some local boutiques for Small Business Saturday though.

    2. This is my MIL’s first holiday in a memory care facility so the husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving there with her. Friday my maternal cousins get together for a huge feast, so we are doing that. And Saturday is my birthday so all the girl cousins (including the youngest who is home from college for the first time!) are getting together at my aunt’s and watching the new Gilmore Girls while eating too much takeout 🙂 I’m so excited!

  4. Amber Y

    I stay as far away from stores as possible this weekend! Crowds stress me out unless it’s for something really worth it like a sporting event or concert. I’d rather online shop anyways.

    I get my hair done at Ulta and I’m heading there this afternoon so I will probably pick up a few things. It kills me a little on the inside bc there aren’t any good deals right now!

  5. Jaime

    1. No, there would be no way I could handle black Friday. I do all of my shopping online all year as i have PTSD and am mainly homebound. Hopefully that will change as i am working to get my service dog. Im a veteran and there are companies with big hearts that want to help get us vets a service animal.

    2. Because of said reason, every other year my family takes the year off. We have our own at home. I have 4 kids and my SO, and it just gets too much running around to family. So this year, and every other, we don’t. Family is welcome here for pie later. 🙂

  6. Susan

    No, I don’t go out for Black Friday. The crowds are way too crazy for me. I usually wait and shop Cyber Monday. I do most of my shopping online anyway.

    We go to my Aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, but we eat earlier, around 1pm. It’s about an 1 1/2 hour drive from us, so not too far away. She invites cousins & extended family, so there’s usually about 40-50 people there. We do a potluck, so she only makes the turkey & everyone else brings sides & desserts. It’s always nice to catch up with everyone.

  7. Britney

    I may venture out to Lowe’s or Home Depot and see if I can get an oven for a good deal. After that I’ll probably go to a tiny little Walmart in Mexia, TX with my little brother and see what I can find… we go every year there are zero lines and hardly anyone there. It’s great!
    We do a sit down lunch at my parent’s and then an informal lunch/dinner along with the Cowboys game at my inlaws.

  8. Alicia

    I have to work but I’ll be doing my shopping online. There isn’t really anything that I need that’s on for Black Friday anyway.

    I am, however, in a desperate search for the Nintendo Classics that were released on November 11th and sold out within minutes. I need three, I would be happy with two, but would really like three. I’ve been calling local Walmarts and Game Stops with no success. I have recruited my cousin who lives in Virginia to pick one up for me and ship it to me if I find one. LOL!

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