Friday’s Letters

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Dear Target & Toys R Us, Thanks for being open late this week. #shoppingdone.

Dear The Lions, How about a win for Christmas?

Dear L, Your gingerbread house looks amazing! I am glad we found those premade kits though because us trying to assemble it ourselves was pretty bad ;).

Dear W, When you said you were going to write a “letter to Santa” I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I didn’t expect it just to consist of just a “W” though. But you did exactly what you said you were going to do. You wrote A letter to Santa. LOLOLOLOL.

Dear The Limited, Is it true? Are you really closing your doors? I am sorry I didn’t shop there more ;(.

Dear Me, Stop staying up so late.

Dear Disney World, What time of year is the Magic Kingdom not crazy crowded exactly?  I thought early December wouldn’t be crazy, but it was.

Dear My Cousin Who Lost 100 Pounds Since Last Year, I cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!!  You’ve done SO amazing!!!!

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  1. Rose D.

    OMG! W’s letter to Santa has me crying!!! What a great way to start the day!!

    1. Jennifer

      I was CRACKING up.

  2. Zelene

    A friend was at Disney yesterday and he said it was not super crowded, We were there over the weekend for the christmas party and it was crazy but so worth it, we had a lot of fun and everything looked so awesome and christmasy, we loved it. BTW, We drove to/from disney so yesterday your blog kept me busy all the way back hehehe, a lot of post to catch up.
    Since we were not here, I have a lot of finals details to cover today like wrapping presents :S I finished all my shopping a week before vacations so at least that part is not a worry.
    We are planning to decorate some Traders ugly sweaters cookies today and I bough a Rice Krispies train that we need to build (I am not sure how this will go :S )
    In case I am running like crazy tomorrow, I want to wish a very merry Christmas and may this season be filled with Hope and Happiness.

  3. Mary

    I went to Disney over Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago. It was the only time I have ever seen it not crowded. We were even able to ride some of the rides without waiting in a huge line. It was amazing.

  4. Cindy

    Oh my gosh!! I love when I randomly read your blog and see “my cousin” (and it’s me)!!

  5. Jenny Louthan

    Last week of Jan and first of February is what I always think of as least crowded now. I had clients there the second week of December and she didn’t think it was too bad. Her pictures looked great too. Did you go over a weekend? They are always the busiest times with the holiday party etc.

    And did I miss about the Limited? I agree I never really thought of shopping there but whenever I did always found some good stuff.

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