Friday’s Letters 5

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Dear The Lions, Come on, make my weekend and win this game!

Dear Facetime, What would we do without you? Technology is seriously amazing.

Dear B, We miss you, but thanks to Facetime we can see you everyday ;).

Dear POPSUGAR, I can’t believe we aren’t getting a Target Fitness collaboration this year. Those boxes were always SO good!

Dear L, I know it’s crazy I can’t figure out how the DVD player in the basement works.  It’s not that I don’t want you to watch a movie, it’s literally that I CANNOT figure that thing out.

Dear 20/20, I get so drawn into your stories. I will never get tired of watching you. Same goes for Dateline for that matter.

Dear This Freezing Weather, Listen, I don’t hate winter, I don’t. But when it’s 0 degrees out, that’s just too cold. I will admit, it’s a tad refreshing for about 5 seconds. Then it’s just cold.

Dear Connor Cook, I am SO excited you are getting the start this weekend. You did amazing things at MSU and hopefully you can this weekend too!

Dear W, We will get working on your goal to get better at “bowling” soon. LOL!

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