My Garden Box Review – January 2017

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My Garden Box Review - January 2017

My Garden Box designs and delivers a custom crafted collection of plants and goods to worthy gardeners. Each month their gardeners and growers put together a special gardening collection just for you. We include up to three live plants or bulbs; as well as various care, maintenance, and/or garden decor items. The collections their gardeners and growers assemble are seasonally relevant and Hardiness Zone accurate.

My Garden Box
Cost: $42.49 ($29.50 + $12.99 S/H)
Ships To: Continental United States (excluding Arizona)
Coupon Code: N/A

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own, and no compensation was received.

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

My Garden Box ships mid-month via UPS.  Boxes don’t require a signature for delivery, but they are delivered during the week, and they recommend opening it as soon as you receive it.

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

I like to live on the edge and decided to wait a day to see what would happen if you can’t get to your box immediately.  In theory, it’s a great idea to open your box as soon as it arrives, but I know that’s not always possible.

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

Much to my surprise, the box had a “UniHeat” pack in it to help keep the plants alive and warm during these chilly winter months.  I wondered why the bottom of the box felt so warm! I suspect that they use cold packs in the summer, so plants don’t wilt.

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

So what happened because I waited a day to open this box and get gardening?  Absolutely nothing.  The plants were in perfect condition!

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

The box includes a welcome letter and instructions on how to care for your plants.  I totally need these instructions!  I can’t even tell you the last time we had a houseplant in here.


My Garden Box Review - January 2017

The box included two planters (*), two Dieffenbachia Star Bright plants, soil, fertilizer and two wormie water sensors.

*One of my planters arrived broken.  Since it was a review box and I knew I could do the review just fine without the second planter, I did NOT contact them for a replacement.  The planters matched and were securely packaged.  I think I got “lucky” and got a broken one!

The Plants

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

All I had to do on my end was pot the plant, add water and stick wormie in.

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

Isn’t he the cutest little thing?  I had no idea there was such a thing.  He gets dark when soil is wet and gets light when soil is dry.  So smart.

My Garden Box Review - January 2017

This *might* sound silly, but I love having a houseplant.  It’s so gray and gloomy outside that seeing a bright green plant on my windowsill really boosts my day.  The plants work out to about $21/each, and that includes the ceramic planter, the plant itself, the soil and

The plants work out to about $21/each and that includes the ceramic planter, the plant itself, the soil and wormie and I felt that was very fair.  I do wish the information card gave details about the specific plants include in each month’s box (where do they grow, what their traits / history are, etc.), but maybe that will change down the road.

What do you think of My Garden Box?  If you are interested in ordering or want to learn more you can check them out here.

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  1. Susan

    $21 seems pricey for what looks like a common house plant. I could go down to lowes or Home Depot and get something similar for cheaper…

    Btw, I love plants. I have a ton of hoyas.

    1. Jennifer

      Are they easy to care for? This box has made me realize I need to get some more plants in the house ASAP!

  2. Lin

    This is a common, easy to care for houseplant. Great for people that don’t have a green thumb! This is expensive for this type of plant but then again you have to pay $13 S&H for the subscription.

    1. Jennifer

      That pretty much describes me! My mom came over today and I was like LOOK AT MY PLANT MOM. I was so proud they are still alive (it’s been like 2 days).

  3. Marilyn

    I wanted to say I saw this here and contacted the company. Weather here in CA is fine, but I figure it’s a bit bleak in Idaho for my college kids and wouldn’t this brighten their apartment. I know they are struggling with the cold & dark winter months. I bought a single month gift subscription (February is a terrarium they told me) and I hope it adds some cheer. While it’s a bit pricey, the kids can’t just run down to the local garden shop. And I like to send them something every month to let them know I’m thinking of them. I’m glad My Garden Box sent you a complimentary box and you posted it here. (I let them know you were my source) — You might put together a category for subscriptions/gifts for college kids.

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