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1. Do you have a favorite craft? I’m talking anything from knitting and sewing to painting and drawing to woodworking and beyond. I am not exactly good at it, but I do love getting painting projects in subscription boxes. While I am working on it I feel so creative and just really enjoy it. I should take a painting class someday! I also enjoy random Pinterest crafts like making wreaths and glass gem suncatchers. I also like baking (cookies mainly), but I am not sure anyone else considers that a craft? I do though.

2. What is your favorite Disney movie? With the new Beauty & Beast movie coming out, I thought it would be fun to see what everyone’s favorite Disney movie is? If I have to pick just one, I am going for Toy Story (all 3 of them). Never gets old. I did love Zootopia though and am anxious for it to come out on DVD (ETA: My mom tells me it is out on DVD)!

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  1. Jenny

    You know I’m a scrapbooker but really any paper crafting makes me happy.

    Such a hard choice but I’ll go with Aladdin. I love it but I also think it had to do with being the last movie I saw with my high school friends and the first I saw with my college friends so it’s holds a lot of memories for me. And yes even back then I made all my friends watch Disney movies. Lol

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!!! When is your next Disney trip?

  2. Nikki G.

    The Lion King was always my favorite. Also, Finding Nemo.

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t seen the Lion King in forever! I need to rewatch! And who doesn’t love Nemo????

  3. Susan Q Johnson

    So I have only seen the first two toy stories and that was back when they first came out and we watched them over and over and over because my youngest brother was just a little dude and loved them. I had an urge to watch them yesterday so I ordered the blu ray boxed set off of Amazon for myself for Valentine’s Day!!

    1. Jennifer

      How fun!!!!! I always try to talk my boys into watching them when we watch a movie!

  4. Kam

    1. I like making Christmas ornament wreaths, but I may have to make one for every season and holiday, ha ha. My project this year is to make wreaths for everyone. So bummed I missed 90% off at Target.

    Otherwise I have a backlog of sewing, scrapbooking, shadow boxes, and gallery hanging I wantto do. I love photography.

    2. Toy Story all the way! I am partial to anything pixar. “Old school” wise, I loved The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast when I was a kid. I don’t collect stuff, but have been looking for a Little Mermaid doll like the one I had as a kid.

  5. Kristine

    I love to bake too. I never thought about it as a craft, but they sell baking supplies at craft stores, so why couldn’t it be?

    I love Aladdin. I love the songs and Robin Williams as the genie.

  6. Lia

    1. In a huge crafter with several loves but I think knitting is probably my absolute favorite.

    2. I know it’s super recent, but I think Inside Out is just so brilliant. If we are talking non-Pixar then I think it’s The Lion King

  7. Britney

    1. I love to cook, again I don’t know if that counts as a craft… but if baking does cooking does. Right? 🙂

    2. That’s a tie between Aladdin and Snow White. I really can’t pick between those two. Like at all.

    1. Jennifer

      I think it counts as a craft! I would count it!

      Snow White! I haven’t seen that in ages either.

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