Friday’s Letters

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Dear Whole Foods, Please don’t sell out of the beauty bag by the time I get there today.

Dear Kids, I don’t know what got into you yesterday, but you were in rare form. I almost thought there was a full moon or something?

Dear March, You feel like a really long month.

Dear B, What would I do without you? Who would I ask all my crazy questions to? Also, I am semi-serious about running a half marathon. Even though I hate running.

Dear National Puppy Day, I’m not sure I knew you were a thing until yesterday, but I sure did love seeing everyone’s puppies in my feed!

Dear Buster, I am sorry, but I ordered you a Puppy Bumper yesterday. The other dogs in the neighborhood won’t judge you. I promise.

Dear Wisconsin, Good night tonight!

Dear Mailbox, I think it’s finally time to replace you.  It’s been a rough ride – first the AT&T truck backed into you and then the windstorm broke you even more, but you’ve been a good mailbox.

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  1. Zelene

    I got my bag from Whole foods and it is packed full, a lot of good things to try and the baggy is really nice. Thanks for the heads up I didn’t even know they existed 😀 (or I do not remember them ;))

  2. Laurel

    Laughed so hard when I saw the Puppy Bumper!!! Gotta do what you gotta do!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I know. It’s ridiculous! And the other dogs are SO going to laugh at him.

  3. Kristin

    You can do a half marathon!!! I always hated running and only started 2 years ago. Just ran my first half a month ago. If I can do it so can you!!

  4. Amber Y

    Ohhh I wonder if a puppy bumper would help keep other dogs from biting their neck! My dog who just passed away was lab size, but I pet sit for a little west highland terroir and she got bit on the neck by a neighbors dog over thanksgiving 🙁 🙁 horrible, horrible experience. Her parents miraculously still let me watch her and I won’t let another dog within 50 feet of her! I want to buy her one before she comes next week because I get so scared and she loves to go up to other dogs.

    1. Jennifer

      I bet it would! Mine should be here in the next few days. I will post some snaps of Buster wearing it111

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