That Daily Deal “Mystery Box of Light” Review

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That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review
Last month That Daily Deal offered a “Mystery Box of Light.”  It was $19.99, and they kept the contents a mystery, but promised that all items in the box would be “things that light up in some way, shape, or form.”  I was intrigued enough that I ended up ordering!

From That Daily Deal
First, let us start out telling you, this is sooooo worth it! With that out of the way, now on the the almost pointless vague description…

Are you one that enjoys a mystery, and things that light up? Well then, the Mystery Box of Light is for you, as at least you get a little bit of hint of what’s in it, things that light up in some way, shape, or form.

Although I can’t tell you what is in the box, I can say what is not. The original plan was to fill each box with hundreds of lightning bugs! How cool would that have been?!? But then a stuffed shirt over at PETA got wind of it and that epic idea was kaboshed pretty quick. Bummer. Seriously, how crazy cool would that have been?!? Ok, ok, I’m letting it go…

Have no fear though, as we take our mystery boxes pretty dang seriously and do our best to ensure that you are quite happy with the contents. Useful mixed with “ah cool”, the Mystery Box of Light is sure to well… light up your day, night, closet, the deep dark abyss that is your ex’s soulless heart. Ok, so once again I have a hard time letting things go.

So in conclusion, if you are a fan of mystery boxes, and things that light up, and can live with the fact that although it will be great stuff, it will not be hundreds of lightning bugs, then the Mystery Box of Light is something you don’t want to miss out on!

Along with the following fine print, we would also like to mention that we did all we could to capture the light put off by Matthew Mcconaughey’s smile, bottle it and include it in the boxes. But after 3 interns were temporarily blinded by looking directly into the intense gleam, we called it quits. Alas, some things just aren’t meant to be. Sorry to all those who slightly creep us out with the weird fascination of him, we tried, we really really tried.

Oh, so here is the fine print mentioned above, printed in really small print just to live up to expectations. This is a mystery box, you are buying the box as is with the knowledge that you may not like what’s in the box, although we doubt it! The boxes are non returnable and non refundable. We will now return to a respectable font size…
That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review

My Mystery Box of Light shipped via USPS Sure Post.  I didn’t receive a shipping notification for this – it just appeared a few weeks after I ordered.

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review

I ordered the Mini Mystery Box of Awesome at the same time I purchased the Mystery Box of Light, so they shipped together.  If you are curious about the Mini Mystery Box of Awesome, you can check out my review of it here.

The Mystery Box of Light didn’t have an information card, but my box included the following items:

~LED Utility Flashlight (~$5): I couldn’t find this exact flashlight, so I estimated the price.  The light is nice and bright, and the hook is handy in case you need your hands free.
That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review


~LED Flash-Lantern – A Flashlight and Lantern In One ($6.99): This is a lantern and flashlight in one.  The last time it stormed here (last week) I realized I should probably get some flashlights and leave them upstairs in case we lose power.  This will be ideal!

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review


~Compact Fluorescent Floodlights, 18-Watt CFL, R30 (75-Watt Replacement) ($12.95):  My husband says these will work for our outside light, so they are a win for us.

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review


~1-Watt LED Headlamp with Adjustable Head Strap ($6.87):  I suspect there will come a time soon when one of us wishes we had a headlamp and we will be ready!  Sometimes you need to crawl under the sink to check something, and no one is there to hold the flashlight.  This will solve that problem.

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review


~Collapsible Super Bright COB LED Lantern with Batteries ($9.99): Again, perfect to have around the house in case of a power outage or for camping.  It collapses down for storage and has a handle so it can be carried easily.

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review


~Magnesium Fire Starter ($6.86): B snatched this up right away and said he’d take it and put it with his Army stuff! I have never been in a situation where I needed to tart a fire on the fly, but you never know ;).

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review


~The Original Lightbowl ($9.95):  Hello, this is perfect for my kids!  I had no idea that such an item existed, but why not have a lit up toilet?  No one will ever want to use the lights in the bathroom again.

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review

~Waxfree Fragrance Warmer + Fragrance Disk (Apple Spice Medley x 3) ($14.99): Love this!  It’s a plug-in fragrance warmer with a flickering LED light.  The Apple Spice Medley disks have a slightly plasticky smell, but I am going to use this in our bathroom in the basement, and really, anything in there will be better than nothing.  I am hoping these disks (or similar ones) are sold at the dollar store.  Does anyone know?

That Daily Deal "Mystery Box of Light" Review

All totaled my Mystery Box of Light had a value of $73.60. I wouldn’t have paid that for these items individually, but for $19.99, I am happy!  I am a sucker for true Mystery Boxes (grab bags) like these and will probably order the next one they offer too!

The Mystery Box of Light is now sold out, but if it happens to go back on sale, I will make sure to post!

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