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1. Do you have any secret headache cures? I’ve been getting my fair share of headaches lately and I think part of it is the weather and part is not drinking enough water during the day.  Other than drinking more water (which I plan to do), does anyone have any secret fast-acting remedies???  PLEASE!!!

2. How did you celebrate your last birthday?  My birthday is coming up in a few days and I am not too sure what we’re doing to celebrate.  It’s a “big” birthday and we were planning on going out of town, but plans changed and we decided just to stick around here instead.  But we don’t really have a “plan”.  There is a new restaurant opening near us, so maybe that and the casino (I do love the casino).  Any other suggestions??

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Alicia

    Bath & Body had an aromatherapy headache relief a while ago and it works great. You massage it into your neck and shoulders and I use that with excedrin and limit noise and light and I’m usually good after a little bit. I don’t think it’s available anymore but I’m sure you can get something similar somewhere.

    1. Alyssa

      Badger has an aromatherapy headache relief stick too. You can roll it on your neck, chest, temples, pressure points, etc. and it does help.

  2. Amy

    I don’t have any headache remedy tips but I wish I did. I had a killer headache the other day. I woke up with it and it didn’t go away until the late afternoon.

    Happy (early) birthday! I hope you have fun celebrating your day with your family!A

  3. Kelly

    I had a big bday this year too and just did family dinner at a new restaurant and went to a favorite featival and then the day of my bday did a spa day and the aquarium. I say do whatever feels good and spontaneous that day! Happy Birthday!

  4. Anie

    1. I always take a bit of tea with some pain relief pill when I cant control a headache. I normally only get them when Ive delayed eating (rarely do get hungry, only realize when ive forgotten eating due to it) or when I am a bit dehydrated… so tea and soda cookies work like charm ???.
    2.I also have a big birthday coming up. I have planned going with a friend and her sis on a ferry to an island in the Pacific, not so far away from where we live. Spending the night at a friends of them (it falls on a weekend and there’ll be festivities due to it falling on the same day as the island’s saint).
    If for some reason that doesnt come through, it’ll just be dinner, either at a restaurant or in family and a cake… unless some other plan appears!?

  5. Britney

    1. Take a nap in a dark room. Best headache cure ever!
    2. Our cruise was our co-birthday / anniversary present last year. This year is my dirty thirty and we’re moving back closer to our friends and family so I’m hoping JB will plan something. Who knows?!

  6. Debi B

    Your on the phone, iPad, computer a lot , have you had your eyes checked …
    Happy Birthday, and ha e fun , what ever you do ? ???

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