So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I am now obsessed with Aldi.
~I have remembered to update the “Blog” tab the last three days in a row!
~I have been staying up late again. Too late. Not good!
~I feel like summer is going to end before we finish our list of fun things to do!
~My blue nail polish stained my nails. I look like a smurf.
~I really like looking at “dog” Instagram accounts.
~I think I could go to bed earlier if I wasn’t up checking on what these fluffly dogs did all day.
~I finally got the Daily RSS feed newsletter back up! #resubscribe
~That hometown visit on the Bachelorette this week was the most awkward date EVER.  Poor Dean. Poor Rachel!!!!!!!!

What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Sarah

    Aldi is THE BEST. The first time I went there I wasn’t impressed at all, but now it is almost exclusively where we shop. Pretty much everything that we have tried there is good, and I just love how inexpensive it is! I know some people don’t like to buy meat/fish from there, but we have never had an issue – we love buying their frozen salmon and shrimp for quick dinners, and last time I bought a steak there my husband asked where it was from because it was so good – Aldi is the best!

    1. Jennifer

      It certainly is “no frills” but for the prices I can more than get past that!!! What are your other favorites???

  2. Alicia

    There is an Aldi store that I visit frequently but I have a hard time buying the milk and some snacks. I find the milk spoils much faster than if I buy it from a local gas/convenience store that utilizes local farms and cows from our region. I also find that some of the snacks taste like cardboard. It certainly is a great store to buy your groceries and I do tend to buy our crackers, some meat, and produce from there. It’s great for your paper products as well; napkins, paper plates, paper towels, and toilet paper.

  3. Jenn

    So have you tried the Girl Scout cookie knockoffs from aldi? I’m obsessed with the caramel delight/Samoa ones. Also the biscuits with milk chocolate… to die for. I think some have wine that gets ridiculously good reviews for the price point.

  4. Sandy

    Totally LOVE Aldi !!! Better prices for produce than my local supermarket SALE prices — and their chips !! Clancy is the KING of chips !! LOVE his kettle chips !! Also very low prices for frozen pizza (and frozen fries) ! I love their version of the “Flat Out” bread – and the price !

    Never had a problem with the lactose-free milk or eggs !!
    AND — DH likes to go there too !!!

    (I wish were close to getting a LIDL market here but only in the Southeast so far….)

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