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1). When do your children (or schools near you) start Back to School? We don’t go back until after Labor Day, which I know sounds late to people, but we also didn’t get out until the end of June! The Back to School stuff is already all over the place here though. W picked out his backpack / lunchbox already, but L is still deciding. I think he has been using the same backpack for the last 3 years, so this is a serious decision!

2). Do you shop at Aldi? What are your recommendations? My cousin posts about Aldi all the time, but I have never been.  Am I missing out?  What do I need to pick up there?  I know I need to bring a quarter for the cart, but what else should I know? Help!

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Amanda

    I go back next Friday, July 28th. But, I did finish on May 25th. The kids were done on 5/19 and start on 8/3. My big issue is that it is just too hot down here to go back that early. It is cooler in June than it is in August. Who wants to take kids outside for recess when it’s 97 and sunny?

    I’ve been to Aldi’s once with my sister. We’re supposed to get one here, but they are taking forever to break ground. I liked it. Not a lot of choice, but everything looked great and the prices were good. They had these cookies that tasted just like Samoas! Bring your own bags.

    1. Jennifer

      WOW! That is early. And you are right, that is too hot. I don’t want to go outside when it’s 97 that’s for sure!


  2. Tabitha

    Aldi–Yep, don’t forget your quarter. You’ll also need to bring reusable grocery bags because you bag your groceries yourself. You can also grab empty boxes from around the store to pack your groceries into if you want. I love shopping there for fresh fruit and vegetables–always great prices on those (think strawberries or cantaloupe for 99 cents some weeks). I know they also do a featured meat deal on Wednesdays but I’ve never gone on that day of the week.

    1. Jennifer

      Good to know!!!!! I’m going today or tomorrow for sure!

  3. carol

    Aldi’s isn’t nearby, but we stop there when we’re out that way. The same European company owns Aldi’s as owns Trader Joe’s. They have strict quality standards, and have added a lot of organic produce. The chocolate, most of it, is imported from Europe, and the prices are great. That’s our no. 1 reason for stopping there, but we never leave without a lot of other things as well. I think you’d enjoy a trip through there; give it a try!

    1. Jennifer

      Okay, I just looked up their weekly ad. They have more than just food?? Where have I been? I need to go STAT!

  4. Nicole

    We got out on May 31st and start back on August 15th, we got out a week or two before the public schools and they start back the week before us. We get less days off than they do throughout the year, so that must be why.

    I wish we had an aldi, I’m always seeing ww ig peeps post their finds. I think I even follow your cousin, it was probably her, lol.

    1. Jennifer

      It was my cousin’s Instagram Story that inspired me to finally go!

      We get like 9 million days off during the year so I suspect that’s why we get out so late. LOL!!!

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