Friday’s Letters

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Dear The Rain, Yay!!!  You saved my grass. Thank you!!!

Dear That Tree Branch, You won.  That gash on my head is healing quickly, but there is no doubt you were the winner.

Dear Buster, One of these days you are going to get stuck in the fence trying to run through it to visit your favorite neighbors next door. Then what????

Dear L, Thank you for picking out that Dark Sweet Cherry ice-cream.  Had you picked a flavor I liked I would have been tempted to eat it all.  Not anymore!

Dear Fruit Punch Spark, Ahhh, you are back in my life!  And thank you Advocare for the bonus box (for renewing my membership).  I was scared that you’d send Orange or something, but you did me right and sent the Fruit Punch!!

Dear Football, I loved seeing you on my tv last night!  The game itself was meh, but this just means better games are coming soon.

Dear B, We all still miss you!!  Just a few more weeks!

Dear POPSUGAR, I know you call August your birthday, but it will always be July to me!

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  1. zelene

    I was thinking about trying the advocare spark, but then I read the ingredientes and I think my heart will race like squirrel :S I want something for energy but I am not sure what to try 🙁
    I hope you are like new soon, and that branch needs to go 😉

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, it’s for sure not for everyone! You are supposed to mix with 8 ounces of water, but I mix mine with 32 ounces!

      And that branch, OMG! I should have taken a picture of my head!

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