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1)  What subscription box do you miss the most?  There are a bunch that I wish were still around (Goodies, Fancy Box, Hazel Lane all pop out to me right now), but I have really been missing Cravebox.  Cravebox was inexpensive and always provided a great value (you had to get “picked” to be able to buy it which I also thought was fun).  And had a ton of options to select from. I also wish Wittlebee was still around. It was a random box of children’s clothing for $39.99, but it was always interesting.

2) Not exactly a question, but talk to me about Postmates?  I hear people talking about it (okay fine, I hear about it on Instagram and not in real life), but it doesn’t look like they deliver to my house.  If you use them, what have you gotten delivered?  Is it worth it?  Expensive? Totally fabulous??  Tell me everything!

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Laurel

    Without a doubt, I miss Citrus Lane the most. I think it was my first box, and it introduced me to some great brands that are still some of my favorites! I’m still upset they were bought out and run into the ground.

  2. JY

    Citrus Lane! We still use items from their boxes!

  3. Nicole

    Postmates is the devil.

    I got into the awful habit of using it for lunch at work, but it adds like $4-9 for delivery, a service fee and tip to whatever you order. It’s SUPER convenient, but it adds up. A 6 dollar burrito bowl from chipotle can cost you 15 bucks and almost anything else with $10-$15 entrees can cost up yo $25….for lunch. I still use it in a pinch and when they send out free delivery codes otherwise I try to be cheap and bring my lunch.

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