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1) Did you watch the eclipse yesterday?  What’d you think?  We watched it and I was surprised by how cool it was.  L liked it too, but I’m not sure how impressed W and B were. LOL!  We only had 78% coverage here so I can only imagine how amazing it was in the areas of totality.  It looked incredible on tv!  We are so going to plan a road trip to see the full one in 2024!

2) Do you make your bed everyday?  I absolutely do.  Every single day.  It doesn’t matter who is going to see it or know if it’s made or not – I know!  Plus it just feels better (to me) to crawl into a “made” bed at the end of the day!

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. jen

    #1 We were around the 90% area. Husband loved it and thought it was really cool. I thought it was kinda neat but was overall disappointed, probably because of elevated expectations due to all the hype. I had hoped it would get darker than it did. It looked way cooler on tv.

    #2 Every single day, it sets the tone for the day for me. Like how exercising in the morning usually puts people on a better track and they eat healthier and have more energy the rest of the day. There have been a few days that I skipped and the days ended up being pretty crappy, it could be a coincidence though.

  2. WendyM

    I’m not sure if it’s just my phone, but I’m not seeing any photos when I bring up your site!
    Question 1) I live in far northern California and there were major traffic jams (!) getting up to Oregon to see the eclipse and back. I watched it from my backyard and the shadows from the trees were really cool. I had the glasses and saw the sun slices ? and did the dot card thing. Meh. I’d rather look at the cosmos with a telescope.

  3. Jennifer Davis

    I didn’t watch here (75% coverage) plus I was at the ultrasound to see my first grandchild (way cooler). I try to make it everyday. Even if it’s not until later in the afternoon. My son once said (while in the military) “even if you have a horrible day, you still get to look forward to turning into your made bed.”

  4. Jenny Louthan

    I did see the eclipse. We were so close we drove down to SC so we could be in the totality. We got to see it go complete and the beads for just a few seconds before the clouds rolled in but we did get to see it which was really cool. Both N and C thought it was the best day even with it being so long for us. I need to keep an idea for going to see the next one too.
    Nope I never make my bed. I don’t see why I should make something I’m just going to crawl back into. I’ve always been that way though and it just doesn’t bother me. I think M would like it made but I told him if he wants it then he can make it and so far it is left unmade. LOL

  5. Amber Y

    I watched the eclipse! I think we had 97% totality. It was really cool. All the night time bugs started chirping and the whole world looked filtered.

    I ALWAYS make my bed. First thing or right after I brush my teeth. I’m the same way as you that it just feels better to get into a made bed. Plus I’m a little OCD lol

  6. em

    I watched it here in NY, we had about I think 70% coverage and everybody was out in the streets in manhattan going ah, wow, gosh – all in all very exciting and of course I did the foolish thing of trying to sneak around my camera phone to look at the eclipse directly. I know it was really foolish but so so cool but yes for the next hour or so I had this red spot in my field of vision. It didn’t really get dark at all but still it was really exciting.

    Even when I have time I won’t make my bed, I just throw the blank over the bed and hope it settles cleanly which it never does. I should and I admire people who do.

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