So What Wednesday… 1

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I took way too many First Day of School pictures.
~I am pretty sure I will never go to Nordstrom Rack the day before school starts again.  What a mess.
~I forgot to close the windows when it was pouring the other day.  OOPS.
~90% of the time I think having two puppies is fun.  10% of the time I am not so sure.  LOL!
~I love the new adidas Originals commercial.
~I am the worst at updating my iPhone apps.  I think I need to do 40 updates.  #fail
~I also haven’t updated my “cloud” in 76 weeks. It’s always full, but there’s nothing to delete in there, so…..
~I (still) love getting the Sunday paper delivered.

What are you saying so what to this week?






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One thought on “So What Wednesday…

  • Rachel

    We recently adopted two kittens. I grew up with cats and when I moved from TX to CA with my fiance I knew I wanted cats and so we took our time buying everything they’d need to spread the initial cost out (our pet deposit was $500 alone!). All that is to say, it wasn’t an impulsive decision. We literally spent three months getting ready to adopt them. Well now I’m like, “Did we really just sign up to take care living things for the next 12+ years? Can we ever travel again? What will we do with them for our wedding week? Why does the corner of our couch have so many threads hanging off it?” lol. FH just turned 30 and I am 25. It’s wild to think we are going to have and care for these guys until we are 40. They are cute and goofy so I’m with you, 90% of the time its fun.