12 Days of Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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Target 12 Days of Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time! Today’s giveaway is for the hard to find (sold out most places) Target 12 Days of Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar! The set includes new pair of themed socks from the magical world of Harry Potter each day for twelve days!

If you want to win, just enter in the Rafflecopter box / widget below (if you can’t see it head here) and make sure to come back every day to enter.

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  1. Diana B

    I like the books more than the movies, because they leave so much out of the movies. I’ve started rereading the books with my daughter and it has been so much fun.

  2. Roisin D

    The books have so much more detail than the movies.
    I’m just starting to re-read the books to my kids.

  3. Tracy Shafer

    The books are always better.

  4. Karen Yanchitis

    Books are better than the movies, but the movies are really good too.

  5. Gwendolyn L Jordan

    I like the books better

  6. Kam

    I actually like both, lol.

  7. Sarah B

    Love the books – they are my childhood!

  8. Beth

    I definitely prefer the books!

  9. Kristen

    As a teacher, I enjoy the books more than the movies. I have read the series three times and each time I get something new out of the books.

  10. Kelsey

    Books! For sure!

  11. Hayley

    I love both, but the books are definitely better!

  12. Jennifer Pittman

    I love the books (more in them), but really enjoy the movies too!

  13. ms tk

    I prefer the HP books over the movies!

  14. Cheryl

    I prefer movies.

  15. Jessica A.

    I love the books, there is so much detail in each book that you are drawn into the world.

  16. angie

    I prefer the books.

  17. Megan McCarty

    I am obsessed with the books, but the movies did a great job! Big Harry Potter nerd over here 🙂

  18. Maura

    almost ALWAYS the book!

  19. Jenny S.

    I really love the movies, because we get to watch the kids grow up right before our eyes, but I prefer the books, because we get MORE. The movies would each be 6 hours long to include everything the books have. I appreciate each so much though.

  20. Elisabeth

    The books, but I enjoyed seeing them come to life in the movies.

  21. Sara H

    Books – always. =]

  22. Jen

    Usually for me the answer is books, and definitely for the HP series, but once in a while the movie is outstanding in its own right and portrays the story in a profound way through visual storytelling that isn’t possible through a book.

  23. Kristi C

    I prefer the books. These socks would be great for my daughter.

  24. Matt

    How fun! I loved the books!

  25. nickie

    I like the movies

  26. Lori

    Right now the movies, because we can watch them together as a family. My kids aren’t ready to read the books quite yet.

  27. Kelly

    I love them both, but of course the books.

  28. Annie

    In general I prefer the book. But I think Harry Potter is a special case. The books and movies go wonderfully together. My son and I are reading all the books and after we finish each one we watch the movie. So much fun!

  29. Barbara Prud'homme

    I love both! The books are amazing, but I love the movies too!

  30. Mary

    These are so cute! I didn’t even know about this. For sure the books are the best.

  31. Anie Chen

    The movies are great, but the books are way better! Im so crossing my fingers for this one

  32. Michelle

    The books are a big hit in our house. Side note – I bought these socks from Target online when they had them in stock. I should have gone to the store directly. I placed my order on Nov 5th but, the started sending me delay notices. I looked and the item is “backordered.” This is not something they will restock. They started sending me delay delivery notices. 🙁 It has happened before and they eventually just cancel the order after a month or so.
    If I win the drawing this will be split with all three of my Harry Potter lovers in my house.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahh, I hope they eventually ship them! The stores have been getting more stock in, so fingers crossed!

  33. Dolores Q.

    I really enjoy both but the books usually have more detail and information.

  34. Marisa

    I prefer the books but love watching the movies with my kids

  35. Stormy A

    I definitely prefer the books. The movies are really good and did a pretty good job following the books but when you read the books it’s a whole different level. All the characters are much deeper than the movies are able to show.

  36. MaryAnn

    I love both, but prefer the books simply because there’s more in them!

  37. latanya

    I prefer the movie

  38. Dana Rodriguez

    Both are good but books are always better.

  39. Ashley H.

    Book…hands down!

  40. Lauren

    I prefer the books.

  41. Rachel G

    I generally prefer the books but not always!

  42. Deborah

    I always prefer books but I love to watch movie versions with my grandchildren.

  43. Katie C.

    I prefer the book & my imagination!

  44. Kenneth Helmick

    I prefer the movies.

  45. Jill

    Definitely books! I love to read though.

  46. Dave L

    I haven’t read the books, but I love the movies. Thank you for the chance to win.

  47. Brandy G.

    The books are amazing. I love the movies also but most of the time when book is turned into a movie, the book is usually better.

  48. Liz

    I like the books better

  49. Kimberlee

    Books, I would rather read than watch a movie (or TV)

  50. Jennifer Davis

    Always books!!!!!

  51. Valerie M

    I haven’t read the books but I liked the movies

  52. John Smith

    “In general (Harry Potter and otherwise), which do you prefer – book or movie?” Books–definitely! The kids’ talent as actors was still somewhat amorphous and undeveloped, for the most part! The books are dark and mysterious!

  53. Jennifer Kephart

    My daughter loves the books more than the movies, but she owns the complete set of both. She would love these socks!

  54. Jenn S

    i prefer the movies, although i love the books too!

  55. Heather S

    I prefer the books hands down

  56. Linda G.

    I prefer watching the movies.

  57. DeeAnn

    I prefer the movies.

  58. Azeem Isaahaque

    I prefer the books! It lets me imagine the entire story in my head

  59. Amanda S

    That’s a tough choice! I’d say books though since I have to choose. 🙂

  60. Gabriela

    I usually prefer the Book!

  61. Lisa Amore

    Most definitely the books!!!

  62. Karen

    Books for sure!

  63. Annamarie V

    I prefer the movie.

  64. debbie williamson

    I like the books better

  65. kathy Eyre

    Nine out of 10 times I think the book is better

  66. Natalie

    I like the books but the movies were good as well.

  67. Wendy

    IMHO, the books are always best!

  68. Lauren Becker

    I think the books are almost always better – but when it comes to Harry Potter, I do love both. I just love the books MORE.

  69. Melissa Mazzur

    I prefer books! I feel like it lasts so much longer!

  70. Karley Moore

    The book is always better than the movie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. MichelleS

    I prefer the books.

  72. Katherine

    Definitely the books!

  73. Audrey Stewart

    I always enjoy the book more than the movies. The movies only have so much time.

  74. Hannah

    I definitely prefer the books over the movies.

  75. Darlene Carbajal

    Not a Harry Potter fan, but I know someone who does!

  76. Michelle C

    I almost always prefer the books! I love knowing all the details that often get left out of the movies.

  77. Julie Wood

    I prefer the movie. I find it more exciting!


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  79. cyndi br

    I like the books to read better

  80. Natalie Schilla

    Books are always better

  81. Erised Moon

    Someone who loves the movies is holding a gun to my head.
    And I still say books.

  82. Emily Green

    I think the books are so much better!!

  83. Sonya Allstun

    I would have to say the movie I have never read the book even though I sooo love the movie I just do not have enough time to read the books

  84. heather

    I prefer the movie because we are so busy.

  85. Jennifer J

    I prefer the books to the movie. Thank you!

  86. Allison Swain

    I have not read the books YET.. but I just finished watching the movies and plan on reading the books. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. Robyn Paris

    I prefer the movie over the book.

  88. Julie Hawkins

    I prefer the books. They are so great.

  89. Eileen Boyce

    I like to watch Movies.

  90. Jae Park

    We love the Harry Potter series, I prefer the movies but my wife and kids like the books more. Thanks!

  91. Mary Gardner

    I really enjoyed all of the Harry Potter movies but I do like the books better.

  92. gala

    I always prefer books over movies, however movies were good

  93. Robin

    I tend to like the books more than the movies.

  94. allison

    i love the movies and seeing the characters! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  95. Lisa

    I prefer movies.

  96. sarah Doebereiner

    I like the books better. These socks are so hard to find!

  97. Francine Anchondo

    I love the books more

  98. Nickole Heim

    i prefer the books.

  99. Jennifer Keating

    I was never able to get into the books, so I’ll have to say movies!

  100. Carolyn Daley

    The books are usually better than the movies, but I love both.

  101. Tracie Cooper

    I love the movie!

  102. Kayla Klontz

    I liked the books better, they were a lot more detailed.

  103. Julie Waldron

    I prefer the movie over books.

  104. Kathy Pease

    I prefer movies because my eyes are bad

  105. Leah Shumack

    I prefer the books because the movies leave a lot of stuff out!

  106. Trisha Musgrave

    I prefer the books, the movies are good but I think books are always better!

  107. Buddy Garrett

    I prefer the movie.

  108. Stacey Roberson

    Definitely the books!

  109. Jen Rodrigues

    I love the movies, I never read the books or at least all of them. I would love to read the books. I love the movies though.

  110. AEKZ2

    I usually like the book better

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