Friday’s Letters

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Dear B, I can’t wait to Christmas tree shop this weekend!  I am looking forward to our annual argument on which tree is better!

Dear Bath & Body Works, I’m ready for the candle sale.  Bring it!

Dear Michigan, I am ready for snow.  Can we get winter started?

Dear Bella, Sometimes I hear you chewing and am scared to look and see what you found.

Dear Buster, Stop chewing on ornaments while they hang from the tree.

Dear Buddy, You look good in your sweater.

Dear Michigan State, That was a great game last night!  And not at all stressful to watch which was much appreciated.

Dear Phone Cords, What happens to you that makes you break constantly?  I don’t get it.  At. All.

Dear Fred the Elf, You are back and I am not sure how I feel. I am thankful you aren’t as wild as some of their other elves and all the time consuming antics they get into I know that!


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  1. Zelene

    Is it me or there is no content in this post?

    1. Ruth

      I can see it on my phone and iPad.

      1. Jennifer

        That’s because I fixed it. It should be good FOREVER now. Fingers crossed.

  2. Susan

    I agree with you on the phone cords. What is up with that? I just bought some off amazon that have a woven covering on them. I’m hoping these will last longer.

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