POPSUGAR Must Have Box December 2017 Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code - December 2017

It’s giveaway time! Today’s giveaway is for the (SOLD OUT) December 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have Box! The box includes:

~Tilo Twilight Scarf ($98)
~Chloe + Isabel Pavé Bar Long Pendant Necklace  (Choice of Gold or Silver) ($42):
~Bauble Bar Sugar and Spice Coaster Set ($38)
~Lalicious Sugar Kiss Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub ($35)
~Wild Ophelia Sugar Cookie Milk Chocolate Bar ($3.50)
~ASHKAHN Gift Tags ($12)
~Pier 1 Imports Cocktail Scented Candle ($14.95)

If you want to win, just enter in the Rafflecopter box / widget below (if you can’t see it head here) and make sure to come back every day to enter.

Coupon Code
Use the coupon code “MUSTHAVE5” to save $5 off your first POPSUGAR Box. While supplies last, your subscription will begin with the January box while supplies last.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box is an exciting monthly box full of fun must-have picks across fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, and more delivered right to your door. The monthly box targets women ages 18-40 and features full-size products and premium items including tried-and-true classics, celebrity favorites, and brands consumers have yet to discover. Products included are worth over $100.
Price: $39.95/month
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  1. John Smith

    “What are you doing for NYE?” It will be a madcap whirlwind of sophisticated soirees and intrigues!

  2. Lanie

    A family party at my neighbor?s house.

  3. Beth

    Hanging out at home with my husband and pups!

  4. Lindsay R

    We?re going to a ?noon? year?s eve at a museum, and then going to a friend?s house for dinner until the kids get tired.

  5. Maura

    We have young kids.. so going out to an early dinner and seeing if I can stay up for midnight ?

  6. Andrea

    I’m staying in this year and watching the ball drop

  7. Liz

    Hanging out at home!

  8. Julie

    I don’t have any NYE plans.

  9. Madelyn

    I am sitting inside with my son, playing board games and watching movies! I think we’ll make some appetizers…..chicken wings and a cheesy dip with crackers.

  10. Kim M

    We’re still deciding on plans but staying warm in the Midwest is gonna be at the top of the list!

  11. kathy m

    We are having a few people over and playing some board games and toasting the new year

  12. Caroline

    I will be staying in to watch the new season of Black Mirror with my hubby!

  13. Lisa Damone

    Ringing in the New Year with friends!

  14. Cheryl

    We’re spending a quiet evening at home for NYE.

  15. Drminniecooper

    Dark chocolate, champagne at home.

  16. Valerie M

    Staying home with family and yummy snacks

  17. Sheila Branyon

    We are celebrating at home. Celebrating New Years and my husband’s retirement today!

  18. Beth

    Kid friendly party with some girlfriends

  19. Ren

    Now that the kids are grown we do a light dinner followed by a deli tray later in the evening. And we play poker with chocolate prizes. This year the big winner gets a half of a pound of Reese’s pb cups. Then we’ll toast the new year with sparkling pear juice served in my good champagne glasses.

  20. elizabeth

    staying in with a movie!

  21. Jessica

    Staying in with my family

  22. victoria

    I will actually be working NYE. I work for a police department, hoping people are calm and quiet this year lol

  23. jmd

    I think I’m going to be on the couch in comfy jammies, it’s freaking freezing here, and I don’t want to go out.

  24. Wendy

    A cozy evening at home!

  25. lori

    Watching Anderson Cooper on CNN and being glad I didn’t try to go to NYC for NYE bc it’s so cold!

  26. Michelle

    I know it’s tomorrow, but we haven’t decided what we’re doing for NYE yet!

  27. WendyM

    Friends annual potluck, then to see a local band and dance off all the food & champagne!

  28. Anie Chen

    Just waiting till midnight with the family. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  29. gala

    we are having a family dinner

  30. Jenifer

    Putting the 2 littles to bed early and enjoying quiet time with my hubby!

  31. Kristi C

    I haven’t decided yet.

  32. Jessica A

    Spending it in Melbourne with family and friends.

  33. Jen

    Just hanging out at home this year.

  34. bn100

    hanging out with friends

  35. Deanna Magoun

    Staying in and popping firecrackers with the kiddos!!

  36. Gwendolyn Jordan

    I will be hanging out with my kids

  37. Julie Bickham

    I am staying home this New Years Eve. I have to be in work first thing New Years Day.

  38. tiffany

    We will stay at home as my kids catch the cold.

  39. Sandy Klocinski

    I’m not actually sure what I’m doing, to be honest

  40. Jyosthna

    Invited friends. Will have dinner at home!

  41. Maria A. Malaveci

    Staying home with the kids ?

  42. terri s

    Stay in by the fire in cozy pj’s with a cocktail or 2 and try to stay up until midnite!

  43. Stephanie Phelps

    We are staying home with our 2 year old granddaughter and going to bed when she does have to work the next day!

  44. Kelly

    Sushi then home with my pup.



  46. Ake

    I’m going to my friend’s party… if I can stay awake!

  47. Alice H

    Watching movies at home

  48. Peggy Rydzewski

    We have the kids over for a movie game night.

  49. Roisin Delaney

    My wee guy is turning 5 tomorrow so we’re having a birthday / early new years party.

  50. Jean F

    Staying home and staying warm!

  51. kathy pease

    I have no plans at all for New Year

  52. Julie Hawkins

    We are going out for dinner.

  53. Lisa

    I am staying home for New Years Eve.

  54. Amy L Oakes

    Staying home with family!

  55. Virginia Pendergast

    A relaxing evening and watching the ball drop.

  56. Diana

    Relaxing with my family!

  57. Diane F

    Hanging out at home and eating delicious food.

  58. Susan Smith

    We are going out to dinner early and then coming home and watch a movie.

  59. Jae Park

    Party at my friends house in AZ, so short road trip then hanging out with friends I’ve had since high school.

  60. Sammantha D.

    Just staying at home and avoiding the insanity!

  61. Deborah

    I will be staying in with my husband, kids and our dogs and cats.

  62. Seyma Bennett

    I am celebrating at home with family and friends.

  63. Hesper Fry

    I am just spending the night at home with my family.

  64. Priscilla S.

    I’ll just be hanging out at home.

  65. kathy Persons

    Playing games at home with family

  66. Merissa

    I’m celebrating my 40th birthday (yes, I’m a New Year’s Eve baby!) 🙂

  67. Kayla Klontz

    I will be watching the ball drop with my family.

  68. Karley Moore

    I’m having some friends over to watch the ball drop in NYC. Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Ivy

    Pizza and a nice bottle of wine at home!

  70. Laura Royal

    I’m staying home with my little girl while my husband works.

  71. Val

    Sleeping! I have work tomorrow 🙂

  72. Dana Rodriguez

    We are having a quite evening at home because we are both feeling a little under the weather. Happy New Year!

  73. I am staying home in our nice warm house with my sweet hubby! You couldn’t pay me to go out in the negative windchill weather we are expecting. Brrrr! Thanks and God Bless!

  74. tabetha Tlili

    at my house enjoying the night

  75. Annette

    I’m staying home for NYE.

  76. Tracy Shafer

    A relaxing evening at home with my husband.

  77. Lindsay A.

    My boyfriend & I were originally going to watch a fireworks show on the waterfront for NYE tonight, but due to some car issues & the weather being extra cold I think we?ll be happier staying home!

  78. Gabrielle

    I’m staying in this New Year’s. i’m feeling contemplative rather than festive.

  79. Laura Scrogham

    Staying home and watching movies.

  80. Andi M

    My boyfriend is on-call at the hospital tonight, so likely nothing. We went to a birthday party last night though.

  81. Kassie

    I’ll be at home with my family watching a movie under cuddly, warm blankets with a cup of tea and some cookies 🙂 That’s as wild as I get!

  82. Chris L

    I am just hanging out with my family. Trying to stay awake until the ball drops.

  83. emily

    Going to a small party

  84. heather c

    I’m staying in! My feet are cold!

  85. Anita Jude

    Staying home with my family and ring in the New Year with them

  86. Dawn L

    Having family & friends over to celebrate

  87. Michelle Donovan

    No plans, our family will be staying home. Celebrate together 🙂

  88. Ashley

    Spending time with my family!

  89. natasha lamoreux

    We are having a small get together at home, nothing crazy!

  90. Helga

    We just stay home and watch TV.

  91. Gladys

    Staying home with the family and staying warm!

  92. Julie Waldron

    We are staying home, also celebrating our daughter’s birthday.

  93. Latanya

    sitting home with my family

  94. Trisha McKee

    My daughter and her friends are having a game night. So a not-so-quiet night that I had hoped for but it still should be fun.

  95. Kenya F

    I will be home with my husband and a bottle of Moscato creating my vision board for 2018.
    Happy New Year!

  96. Gloria Luongo

    I’m staying home with my husband and grandson. Having our own little party.

  97. Michelle H.

    I am celebrating it with my family at home.

  98. sarah s

    I’m just relaxing at home with the family and dogs:)

  99. Leela

    I’m staying at home with my family.

  100. Yona Williams

    I’m staying in with my other half and watching movies.

  101. Claudia Davis

    Snuggling with my cat and watching a movie.

  102. Joy Venters

    I am planning to be in bed by 11 P.M. because I am exhausted.

  103. Bonny McDevitt

    I am sitting at home watching Netflix drinking Pink Mascato while my daughter is passed out & the hubby is working till midnight! <3

  104. Breanne

    I’m spending time with friends.

  105. Starla

    This seems like an awesome box! I am currently stuck at work for NYE. I work in an ER!

  106. Rebecca I.

    Oh no! I missed the giveaway I was hoping you’d do! Ahh! This looked like such a good box! Darn ‘end of year’ madness!

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