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6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  • Lauren

    Sooo guess this a good place to ask you I?m interested in getting a peloton. Just wondering… I have a badish knee. I know that will probably affect it to some point but do you find any issues with your normal knees ever??? I mean do you think it would be way to much for someone with a knee issue?

    • Jennifer Post author

      Hey! My knees are okay and I don’t have issues on the bike. Spinning is actually pretty low-impact and 100x better than running on a treadmill. Okay, maybe not 100x better, but way better! My husband has had some knee issues and he never complains about them after riding!

    • Jennifer Post author

      Yes!! If you need a referral code, let me know! You’ll get $100 in free accessories and I will get a $100 in boutique credit.