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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code - January 2018

It’s giveaway time! Today’s giveaway is for the (SOLD OUT) January 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box! The box includes:

~Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer
~ban.do Best Year Ever Wall Calendar
~Hat Attack Lightweight Ribbed Hat with Faux Fur Pom ($44)
~Chocolate Sea Salt RX BAR ($1.99)
~Keep Cup Original Clear Edition (16oz) ($19)
~Nuun Hydration Vitamins in Strawberry Melon ($7)

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  1. Melissa A

    My resolution was to go to bed earlier. I?d say most of the time I?ve been doing a great job and feeling much more productive too. It?s really hard for me though – I?m such a night owl!

  2. melissa

    I’m doing great this year – I didn’t make one! lol

  3. Lori

    I don?t set any New Years resolutions so pretty good I guess 😉

  4. Toni Ann Sprouse

    I have been keeping my goal to become more organized. I work on organizing my home for at least 20 minutes a day and I’ve made great progress <3.

  5. Maura

    I didn’t make one.. so going pretty well! 😉

  6. Renee

    I didn’t make a resolution or goals for the new year, but the new year is going great! Maybe that’s why! 🙂

  7. Ren

    I’m starting the new year with the goal to organize my home. Basically spring cleaning in January. It’s going fairly well. Just yesterday I finally lined my linen closet shelves and it doesn’t look so dark and dreary when I open the door. It’s those little things that make life pleasant.

  8. Melissa T

    I didn’t really do any resolutions…..so i’m doing great! lol.

  9. Callie

    My goal was to not drink for thirty days but I drank tequila one night. Oops. lol. Back on track.

  10. Jenny S.

    I didn’t set any, really. Just a vague goal to play lots of soccer (which I am playing and coaching 3-4 times a week). I think I need to get back to push-ups and planks… ; )

  11. miranda

    Mine are a work in progress, but coming along

  12. Lydia Schroeder

    My goal is to buy no “new” clothes – new to me is totally great just not new in stores. Trying to lessen my environmental footprint a bit… It’s actually made me think more about buying clothes – I am planning a bit of a capsule wardrobe and trying to figure out my style instead of random purchases. I think with planning I can stay on track!

  13. Jen

    My only goal was to make better choices than I did last year. So far I’m doing way better, so I’d say I’m right on track. 🙂

  14. Cheryl

    I’m not as far along as I’d like with my New Year’s Goals / Resolutions.

  15. Drminniecooper

    My new years goal was to procrastinate less and it’s not going so well.

  16. Erica

    My resolutions were to keep a gratitude journal and stop apologizing in every e-mail I send!

  17. Dawn L

    I didn?t make any resolutions, I think it?s just a way to set myself up for failure

  18. terri s

    didn’t really make any this year. thanks!

  19. ms tk

    I’m working on being more mindful in all aspects of my life! Been going okay so far 🙂

  20. Emily

    I?m trying to read more books. So far I?ve read at least a little almost every day!

  21. Carla C

    I’m doing ok on my resolution. Not as good as I would like.

  22. Kristina Potter

    My goals on still going along!!

  23. Julie Bickham

    I’m not sticking to them like I should be!


    My new years resolution is actually going well… shockingly!

  25. jmd

    I didn’t make resolutions, they are too easy to break. I just try every day to do something simple like drink more water.

  26. Deborah

    I am shy and often feel socially awkward. My goal this year was to compliment people when something about them is lovely rather than keeping my thoughts to myself. I know when someone says something nice about me it boosts my mood for the rest of the day.

  27. Heather B.

    My resolution is for better health and to eat better!

  28. Melissa Craig

    i have already failed on my new year goal but, I know I have plenty of time to jump back on the horse and start again

  29. Kelly

    Not good but no pressure!

  30. alice minx

    I’m off to a slow start, but I’m still working towards my goals

  31. Ann Fantom

    My new year’s resolution is to get more organized. I’m going to start with getting all my photos in photo albums

  32. John Smith

    “How are you doing on your New Year’s Goals / Resolutions?” As well as can be expected!

  33. Anie

    I havnt started…
    Even making a resolution!

  34. Valerie M

    Mine was to get healthier but Netflix and chili cheese Fritos keep getting in the way!

  35. Gabrielle

    I never make New Year’s resolutions. I find them stifling.

  36. Hayley

    I actually haven’t made any yet! I am going back to school this week, so I am planning on making some new school semester resolutions.

  37. kim brooks

    i am doing 50-50 on mine, lost a little motivation but i’m slowly getting out of that funk!

  38. Julie R

    I didn?t make any resolutions! :/ 🙂

  39. Janet Lindsey

    I’m not doing well I have to get ahold of my eating

  40. evelyn

    I have goals for my self that I have started on already. Renovating my apartment, I paint this week.

  41. Ashley Kennebeck

    So far so good! I’ve only missed going to the gym because of the weather (one day) and a sprained ankle (going on 3 days 🙁 )

  42. Amber M

    I didn’t set any so I’m doing pretty good lol. 😉

  43. Sara Sullivan

    I’m doing okay so far – eating lots of veggies and staying active!

  44. Karen

    Hmm… I haven’t made one yet

  45. Meghan Fenlon

    I like the hat, the honey moisture lotion.

  46. Ivy

    My goal was to run outside more – which I did by completing the lululemon Strava 80k challenge!

  47. Colleen Boudreau

    Mine was to lose weight.. and I’ve lost 7 lbs!

  48. gary

    My resolution was to keep walking daily, and that is going great

  49. paige chandler

    Not good. Already broke the diet, UGH!!

  50. Gwendolyn Jordan

    Not good, I can almost forgive people but forgetting is much harder to do.

  51. MarciaF

    I’m okay on one and awful on another. I wanted to take better care of my skin which I’m definitely doing. I’m not dieting well though.

  52. fran

    Maybe I’ll start over with a mid-year resolution!

  53. Annamarie V

    I have not been doing so well on my resolution but I keep trying.

  54. Debbi Wellenstein

    I don’t generally make resolutions, as I never stick to them! However, I do set goals, and my big goal this year is to use stuff up before buying new stuff!

  55. Antoinette M

    I am still staying focused on my goal 🙂

  56. Joan Kubes

    I’m doing great so far! Have tried some new healthy recipes

  57. bill

    My resolution to exercise regularly is going great this year

  58. michelle

    I am doing great!

  59. Peggy Rydzewski

    Pretty good I have increased my water by 32 ounces a day.

  60. Tracy Shafer

    I am not doing to bad..but I need to kick up my workouts more.

  61. Michelle C

    So far it’s going well. I have been decluttering and spending less money.

  62. jenny

    My resolution this year is to get my health in order and make time for myself everyday. Everything is going great so far- except with kids, finding time for yourself is tough!

  63. Jennifer Benson

    I didnt set any new Year’s resolutions but have been working hard on improving at my job, and have received positive feedback about my progress.

  64. Laura Royal

    My resolution was to continue with a healthy second pregnancy by exercising daily and eating right and so far I’m doing pretty good with it. My weight gain is on track and I’m feeling good at 31 weeks!

  65. Dharshi

    My goal was to lose weight (surprise surprise!) and to be more active. I?m definitely more active (yay!) and the weight loss is on track to happen too!

  66. Julie Hawkins

    I am keeping up so far!

  67. Brenda Elsner

    I wanted to become more organized this year. It is a slow progress, but working on it.

  68. Jen Rodrigues

    Doing okay. I wish I could do better and should stick more to it. I want to eat more healthier and lose a little weight.

  69. Jamie Martin

    I’m doing great with hiking, but not so much on quitting smoking.

  70. Jessica Rose

    I did good on my resolutions for about three weeks! But It’s been more of a struggle then i thought it would be.

  71. Angela P

    I haven’t been doing that great on my resolutions.. so I’m doing a February reboot. It’s never too late to restart!

  72. Amber Y

    Oops my comment never posted! I have failed at my New Years resolutions due to some unforeseen health problems, but as soon as I?m better I?m starting over! Stress eating is my weakness…

  73. BusyWorkingMama

    My goal is to work on strength training and actually follow my physical therapy routine.

  74. kathy pease

    My resolutions are going good and I plan on sticking with them

  75. Kayte CookWatts

    Pretty good actually. Mine was two parts: eat at least 5 servings of fruits & veg and try to eat a wider variety! I have definitely increased my intake, still need a bit more variety, especially in the greens that I use. But I am happy with my progress!

  76. Jennifer H.

    I am still working on getting more organized.

  77. John H.

    I am trying to work on mine. I am trying to get on a schedule.

  78. Lisa

    My goals are to be more organized and stress less. Doing ok but not great with those.

  79. Eileen Boyce

    Some days good and some days bad with healthy eating.

  80. Peggy Rydzewski

    I think I am doing really great. I have increased my water intake by 32 more ounces a day

  81. Nicole Lancaster

    So far I am sticking to my New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier and doing Yoga regularly.

  82. Maggie Smith

    I?ve lost over 20 pounds doing yoga and intermittent fasting! I?ve got this!

  83. gala

    so far so good, I go to gym 4 time a week and already lost 2 lb

  84. Buddy Garrett

    I am doing great on some of them. Others I am at a dead end.

  85. Brenda Robinson

    I’m doing excellent. I’ve already lost 8 lbs.

  86. Kara Jeremias

    I’m chugging right along with my yearly goals. Lost 15lbs so far, and have already started the process of getting back into school.

  87. Lindsay A.

    Mine was to get back to my gym routine, but I haven’t been able to yet because of financial constraints, argh… :-/

  88. susan byrne

    I don’t make new years resolutions. It will set me up to fail.

  89. Laura Scrogham

    I did not set any resolutions.

  90. Lyndsey R.

    I’m doing okay. Could still do a little better. I just suck at allowing people to effect my thoughts and that puts me into negative thinking.

  91. Julie Waldron

    Mine was to do my devotionals/Bible study daily. I’m actually doing pretty good with it. 🙂

  92. Sandra Preti

    I am logging my progress to keep myself accountable (with my best friend) so I am doing okay so far. I am just happy I’m moving forward, even at a slow pace!

  93. Stephanie Shipley

    I’m doing well with my resolutions. I’ve been working on taking better care of myself and making “me time.”

  94. amber kolb

    I am doing pretty good!! I’m working on my calendars right now. I want to get organized and de-clutter 🙂

  95. Kayla Klontz

    So far so good!

  96. Trisha McKee

    I am doing great. Instead of pushing myself with unrealistic goals that would make me feel defeated, I vowed to simply put myself first more. I’d cut out time to read or take a walk, I’d make the doctor appointments to ensure my health is good, and drink more water. Simple things that do make a difference.

  97. Leah Shumack

    It’s mostly about clearing the clutter this year! I definitely have done a lot of work (and lots more to go!) but we’ve gotten rid of a lot of junk so far!

  98. Annette

    I’m going better than expected on my new year’s goals/resolutions. I wanted to cook more and de-clutter my entire house. My mom had been sick and the stress of her condition was making it hard to get things done. She passed away almost 3 weeks ago and I’m finally feeling stress-free. No more suffering for her and I’m able to function again.

  99. Anita Jude

    I’m doing okay trying to eat healthier

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