So What Wednesday…

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This week I am saying so what if…

~I am feeling really good about finishing this 100 Mile Challenge!
~I am sad I didn’t see the meteor here last night.
~I wish I would have found The Ordinary line sooner.
~I need to know if Kylie is pregnant or not.  I watched two nights (in a ROW) of Keeping Up With The Kardashians for nothing.
~ My lashes are in serious need of a fill.
~I am glad there isn’t a news conference to announce my weight like there was for the President.
~I’d like to be on that Siesta Key show.  They seem to have quite the lives.
~I constantly make sure to save my leftovers.  Then I never eat them.
~I want to skip the PTO meeting and go to spin class instead.
~Sometimes Goop articles are so far out there I can’t help but read them.

What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Lauren

    Omg the meteor!!!! So crazy. I thought it was lightning. Then a few minutes later the rumble which apparently was an earthquake. I mean it happened so fast. And You?re not really missing a whole lot if you watch the videos it?s exactly how it looked it literally looked like lightning that was it

    1. Jennifer

      I guess it was like RIGHT by my house? But I am not about to look for the debris. It’s COLD out.

  2. Jennifer

    I saw this today. Seems like she is but the secrecy is a bit ridiculous. If she’s just protecting herself and baby from publicity then great, but remember you built that empire. On the other hand if she’s hiding cause she’s to vain to be seen big and pregnant then grow up….its nature’s most beautiful thing (even though we’d all love to spend 9 months under a rock)

    1. Jennifer

      I saw that picture too. Do we think that’s her? It looks like her, but does she shop alone at CVS?? Still just tell us!! We literally know everything about that family and now silence!

  3. Lauren

    Lol you totally should go look for debris I guess they?re saying it?s worth at least $4000 per piece!!! Holy moly!!!

  4. Catherine Schmidt

    Have you tried Lash Boost yet for your lashes? I love it; no more need for refills anymore!

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