Easter “Basket” Giveaway!

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Giveaway time!  I got a few comments on my Easter Basket (I posted it on Instagram) about how people wanted an Easter Basket too, so I figured why not give one away?? The “basket” (winner takes all) includes:

~Voluspa Rose Colored Glasses 2-Wick Candle ($36)
~Mor Peach Nectar Lip Macaron ($10)
~The Crispery Crispy Cake (flavor may vary) (~$5)
~Hint Pineapple Sunscreen ($14.99)
~Swig 12oz Stemless Wine Cup (your choice of color) ($19.95)
~Altoids Artic Strawberry ($1.79)
~Target Gift Card ($20) (*)
~Other People’s Houses by Abbi Waxman ($10.07)

(*) I have no idea if I can give away wine as a prize so I am not going to, but who can’t use a $20 Target gift card? If your Target sells it, maybe pick up a bottle of Yes Way Rosé?

If you want to win, just enter in the Rafflecopter box / widget below (if you can’t see it head here) and make sure to come back every day to enter.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This Post Has 181 Comments

  1. Lanie

    I don?t celebrate Easter, but I?d love this basket!

  2. Miriam

    I?d love to win!

  3. Marilyn

    Everyone, even grandma, gets a basket!

  4. Deb

    Nope. Mom and dad don?t get a basket. But the kids share 😉

  5. Linda

    It would be fun to get an ?adult? Easter basket!??

  6. Amanda

    We celebrate but only the kids get baskets. I would LOVE an adult Easter basket.

  7. Marie

    No one gives me a Easter basket, this looks like a fun Easter basket to get.?

  8. Kelsey

    I don’t get a basket – but I’d love one!!

  9. jmd

    No, I don’t celebrate Easter, I don’t get a basket, but I buy things for other people.

  10. Zelene

    We celebrate this day as a catholic, but I like getting a basket for the kids, they like it and I have fun preparing the baskets ?

  11. Kayla

    I don?t get a basket, but my husband and my pup Walter do! 🙂 the Easter bunny is always good to them. I usually get myself a Reese?s egg or two haha

  12. Liz

    No I don’t still get one, but I would love this one!

  13. Anie

    Yes and Yes! 🙂

  14. Susan

    I don?t get a basket for myself. My kids are all teenagers and still love them!

  15. Dharshi

    I don?t get an Easter basket but I did get my Sugarbash subscription box on Saturday so it felt like an Easter basket! it was a great box.

  16. Lisa

    What an awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  17. Kaye Nazarko

    No basket for the adults!

  18. Drminniecooper

    No Easter baskets for me as an adult, but I am maybe rethinking it now.

  19. Beth

    I celebrate Easter but no one makes me a basket – so I would love to win!

  20. Amy D.

    I don’t get an Easter break anymore. I work at a daycare.

  21. Ellie Wright

    No, I’m the one who fills everyone else’s baskets.

  22. Elizabeth A

    We used to go totally overboard with Easter Baskets. But my husband started having issues with his blood sugar, so he?s cut back on processed food & sugar. No snacks in my house. I took one look at that Crispy Cake & couldn?t enter fast enough ?

  23. Robyn O

    How fun, thanks for the chance to win! Without any kids, my husband and I do not celebrate much for Easter. I learned that my city hosts an ?adult Easter egg hunt? at night with flashlights! We will participate next year for sure!

  24. Ren

    I don’t get a basket but I still made one up for each kid…I mean young adult. Of course I did have to try a few pieces of candy when making the baskets. Yep..passed inspection.

  25. miranda

    I sure do – lots of great chocolate!

  26. Annie

    I don?t make one for myself, but sometimes my husband surprises me with one. Never anything this elaborate, but he does get my favorite candies.

  27. Margaret

    No – but I need to start giving myself an Raster basket! What a great idea!

    1. Margaret

      Oops – I meant to say Easter.

  28. terri s

    I usually just buy myself a few things; almost bought a cute stemless plastic wineglass with pink flamingo’s but didn’t.

  29. Nikki D

    I don?t get a basket but I made 25 for family and friends and *may* have snuck a few pieces of candy in the process ?

  30. Jenifer

    No basket for me but my husband and 2 kids get them!!

  31. Kelly S

    I wish! Only for the kids now. It’s still fun to get unexpected treats.

  32. melissa

    No – I wish I did!

  33. Julia Ponce

    I celebrate Easter but I do not receive an Easter basket anymore! I think I might do this going forward for my husband and I. Thanks for the contest!

  34. Melissa A

    I made myself an Easter basket this year in addition to my kids. I figured why not!

  35. Rose G.

    I don’t get a basket, but I do buy myself candy!

  36. Kristen

    I don’t get a basket, but I am known to sneak some chocolate!

  37. Kate f

    I wish I still got a basket! But no, not for years!

  38. Kat E.

    I made baskets for myself and my husband too! Love this idea.

  39. Kat E.

    Love this idea!

  40. Erica

    We celebrated Easter and I didn?t get a basket but I did sneak some treats from my kids basket!

  41. Jennifer Davis

    No baskets for the adults. Maybe next year.

  42. John Smith

    “(If you celebrate) do you still get an Easter Basket?” We did not technically have a “basket,” but I, alas, was forced to eat chocolate, and that’s not good for me!

  43. Hildol

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  44. HS

    Only kids get Easter Baskets.

  45. Jen Rodrigues

    Yes of course still get one and give them as well. Great Easter Tradition.

  46. Erin

    Would love to win it ?

  47. Beth Butler

    The Easter Beagle comes and we get a family Easter basket for the adults and each child gets their own basket!

  48. Beth

    The Easter Beagle comes and we get a family Easter basket for the adults and each child gets their own basket!

  49. Valerie M

    Yes! I’m lucky my bf aka easter bunny gets me an awesome basket full of goodies

  50. Gwendolyn Jordan

    I make me a Easter basket when I make my kids baskets.

  51. Amy C.

    Happy Easter! Thanks for the chance! I didn’t get anything this year but I would absolutely LOVE to win this amazing basket of goodies!!

  52. Diana

    Yes, ordered FCS Easter Toy Story box.

  53. Cheryl

    I don’t get an Easter Basket anymore.

  54. Sonya Allstun

    nope the kids just get baskets but we cut back on the candy and put things that cause creativity like coloring books etc

  55. Rebecca I.

    I haven’t received an Easter basket since I was a child, but I’m super-excited at the possibility of winning this one. Thanks for another great and thoughtful giveaway!

  56. Bb

    Thanks for the chance to win

  57. Katie Sparks

    My mom still makes all of us “Easter Bags” which is mostly just candy. You can’t go wrong with chocolate though!!

  58. Shiree

    I celebrate- but unfortunately I am the one creating an Easter basket for my daughter- nothing for myself! ?

  59. We don’t do baskets for grownups, but the Easter Bunny conveniently leaves “grown up candy” that looks an awful lot like whatever was leftover from filling eggs and baskets for kids.

  60. A. Albinger

    Nope. I always make them for the kids though.

  61. Brenna

    Would love that wine glass!

  62. Sara

    My mom still sends me a package for Easter, and this year our puppy got a few things for Easter too – including treats made with rabbit…lol!

  63. Stacie Seidman

    We’re Jewish, so we don’t celebrate, but I think easter baskets are awesome. I kind of think we should do a passover basket… I wonder if I could make that a thing?

  64. Jennifer

    I don’t get a basket anymore. Just the kids. Yours looks amazing!! Thank you for the chance!

  65. Amber M

    No. I stopped getting them when I was a teenager.

  66. Ivy

    I haven’t gotten an Easter basket in years but this one looks so great!!!

  67. lori

    I’d like all the items in this basket It would be fun to win

  68. Jessica A

    I have not gotten an Easter Basket in years, however if I did I would love some new books, sunglasses and a new exercise outfit.

  69. Diana Morales

    I?m so happy to see this as a giveaway! I?ve been eyeing this basket of yours since you posted it in your ig story, especially the wine ?glass?. I don?t get baskets anymore but my mom buys me a gourtmet chocolate egg with my name on it every year lol!

  70. Gabrielle

    I don’t get a basket, but someone usually gets me a piece or two of Easter candy.

  71. Kelly

    Baskets for the family kids but decorating for us adults.

  72. Steph

    Yes. Chocolate bunnies and usually a movie or video game.

  73. Renee

    We don’t celebrate, but my mom still sends me a basket! I’m 43. 🙂

  74. Michelle

    We’ve never had Easter baskets. 🙁

  75. Erin Ellis

    I did not get a basket, but I stole plenty of goodies from my kids 😉

  76. Lauren

    Of course I do!

  77. Kara

    We totally celebrate Easter but the Easter bunny usually skips the adults. Though this year we decided the bunny was going to bring some goodies for mom and dad!

  78. Elizabeth Wiener

    Mom/dad don?t get baskets, but that may need to change!

  79. Rachel Gleason

    I haven’t gotten an easter basket in years but when I was a kid we always got several baskets. Like three or four. We did easter at my Uncle’s ranch and it would be our whole family all staying there for the weekend; 15 people! All the parents would each make a basket for each kid. So one from my parents, one from aunt K and uncle P and one from aunt M and uncle M and then one from our grandparents! they would hid all these baskets (28 baskets!) all around the house and the property and we would hunt for them on four wheelers!

  80. Erika

    We mainly celebrate Easter but baskets are just for the kids! This looks fun! Thanks!

  81. Julie Waldron

    We do celebrate. I don’t get an Easter Basket but our 20 something year old daughter’s still do.

  82. Amber Y

    I got a basket thanks to you this year! I screenshotted the one you did for yourself and sent it to my mom. She did a pretty good job!

  83. Ashlee

    I saw your Easter basket on Instagram and fell in love with it. It?s my dream basket. I?m just finishing maternity leave with our first so we made him a little baby Easter basket and put some candy in there that my husband and I ate ?

  84. Sophie

    I didn’t get an Easter basket this year, but I love your idea and thing I might make myself one next year ?. Also, that basket is AMAZING! You should think about curating a box or basket! Seriously.

  85. Lori

    My husband and I each get a little treat next to our kids? Easter baskets.

  86. em

    No basket, we each get to color our eggs and eat cheer with it afterwards 🙂

  87. Nicole Midgley

    No I don?t get a basket anymore, but I would really love to win this one! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  88. WendyM

    I gathered a few treats for others, but none for me.

  89. Maritza

    No we don’t do easter baskets for the adults.

  90. Kelly A

    I don?t get a basket anymore, but my Mom still sends me a few goodies!

  91. Deborah

    We don’t do a basket for the adults but this sounds like something we should start doing next Easter.

  92. Lindsay A.

    I don?t get an Easter basket anymore 🙁 and am totally loving this one! So awesome!

  93. Meghan

    Great spring items, sadly i do not get a basket anymore, lol

  94. Elizabeth Becker

    I love Easter – was away from my family this year but was able to spend it with some close friends!

  95. Nicole

    I don’t get an Easter basket anymore 🙁 But I do love making up a basket for my daughter- really nailing the theming with Hatchimals, lol.

  96. Britney Battles

    We do celebrate Easter, and my mother in law always give my husband and I a giant bag of candy for Easter!

  97. Kara

    I don?t get a full Easter basket anymore but I think next year we will have to bring them back for the adults! This year I got some pastel M&Ms and Robins Eggs and that was a good consolation prize. 🙂

  98. Maura

    3 of my own kids later, my mom still gets me an Easter Basket 🙂

  99. Krystal

    Our four children get baskets and us parents buy each other candy to leave out for each other !

  100. Kate

    No, I wish I did.

  101. Colette Bauer

    I haven’t had an Easter basket in over a decade buttttt I was just telling my sister that the next time my birthday falls on Easter I want an elegant adult Easter basket as my gift haha

  102. Michelle

    This is brilliant! Easter baskets for grown-ups really should be a thing.

  103. Julie Gowan

    No…. but this is a great idea and i think next year I will!

  104. Rosie

    I love the idea of doing grown-up Easter baskets! I got serious envy from your previews on insta-stories and am seriously considering making one for myself next year!

  105. Pilar Buford

    No, I don’t get an Easter basket.

  106. Hayley

    I still get one from my mom :p

  107. Cathy Lacey

    I usually get one from my husband…What a sweet man!!!

  108. Shana

    Yes! Adult Easter Egg Baskets are the best

  109. Jenny S.

    I do not get an Easter basket. : ( My 16 year old gets stuff for Easter, but she no longer gets a basket. She DOES go on an egg hunt, though! Never too old to find $$$-filled eggs! LOL!

  110. Matt

    No, I haven’t gotten one in a long time

  111. Dana Rodriguez

    I didn’t get an Easter Basket but I did get some chocolate!

  112. Ann Fantom

    No, I don’t get Easter baskets anymore.

  113. C pauly

    Love the basket ideas!

  114. Peter G

    Never age out for Easter baskets. Love to make them and get them.

  115. Donna L

    No basket for me!

  116. Kelly Hanley

    I do!! My mother in law always gets me one!

  117. I celebrate Easter but I don’t get a basket. I am the giver of Easter baskets for my family.

  118. Melissa Storms

    I get everyone in the house a little basket at least.

  119. Julie

    Yes, I got an Easter basket this year!

  120. Emme

    We usually watch an Easter movie and yeah, typically my hubby and/or Mom manage to surprise me with something from the ?Easter Bunny? ?

  121. Charlotte Winters

    I didn’t make a Easter basket for my son this year, but we did rent movies about the Easter bunny.

  122. Cynthia C

    I don’t get a basket but I make some for the kids in the family.

  123. Tessa

    No Easter basket for me! But I still buy all the half-off chocolate at CVS after the holiday.

  124. Christine S

    No, we stopped making Easter baskets years ago, but we still celebrate Easter with flowers a little bit of candy.

  125. Antoinette M

    No, I don’t get an Easter basket.

  126. Karley Moore

    I give my husband an Easter basket every year, but it’s actually for us to share! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  127. Linda G.

    I don’t get a Easter basket but I give baskets to the grandchildren.

  128. Jenn S

    not me, just my kids! 🙂

  129. Helen

    We celebrate Easter, but we only give the kids a basket- not the adults 🙁

  130. Sherry Lambing

    We do celebrate, but I do not get an Easter basket anymore. We all just enjoy family, friends and a great meal!

  131. Debbi Wellenstein

    We don’t celebrate Easter anymore, so we don’t get baskets. I have been known to pick up clearance candy the day after!

  132. paige chandler

    I dont get an Easter Basket but the kids do

  133. evelyn

    I either get my son a basket or make him one.

  134. Priscilla Pursell

    I do celebrate big time. I love Easter. I spoil the Grands on Easter.

  135. Breanne

    No, I don’t. I’d love to get one!

  136. Lauren U

    Nope, I make the baskets now. Lol

  137. emily

    I don’t get a basket but once in awhile my mom will still send me something

  138. Lisa

    I do not get an Easter Basket anymore 🙁

  139. Tracy Shafer

    I don’t get a basket anymore..but I do give them.

  140. Ashley

    Yes, i do! Haha

  141. Denise B.

    No, we don’t do Easter baskets anymore. We just put out candy for everyone.

  142. Jennifer H.

    No, I don’t get one.

  143. John H.

    No, we don’t get a basket.

  144. Wendy R.

    We haven’t really done Easter baskets now that our children are grown.

  145. Stephanie Larison

    I don’t, but we still do it for the kids. They love it!

  146. Leela

    I haven’t gotten one in a long time.

  147. Kristi C

    I haven’t received an Easter basket since I was a child.

  148. Bryan Vice

    Yes we celebrate Easter we usually go to church then we give our kids their Easter Baskets. Usually hide eggs around the yard or inside if raining

  149. Lacey Burd

    I celebrate Easter, but only my daughter gets a basket. But maybe next year, EB will be leaving Mom a basket, too! ?

  150. Robin

    No, only the kids get a basket.

  151. Michelle C

    I haven’t had an Easter basket in years, but I always make them for my kids!



  153. Jae Park

    I don’t, but my kids still get an Easter basket. TYVM!

  154. Tricia Zelaya

    nope I don’t receive one

  155. kathy pease

    We make our grand kids baskets but I do not get one myself..I would love one filled with cosmetics and candles though..lol

  156. Tara Woods

    I no longer get an Easter basket, but I wish I still did

  157. Tricha Leary

    No I don’t get an Easter Basket but I do get an Egg

  158. amber

    not anymore, but I always buy easter chocolate on sale the next day!

  159. Kayla Klontz

    No, I do not still receive baskets, I give them now.

  160. BILL HOFF

    I steal some chocolate from the grand kids baskets!

  161. Leah Shumack

    I don’t but my daughter gets one!

  162. Shea Balentine

    Nope… no Easter baskets for me!

  163. Danielle Marie

    I would love an Easter basket. My niece and nephew get an Easter basket every year

  164. Rosey

    I do not get an Easter Basket. I do make them for the kids though, even the grown ones if they will be visiting. 🙂

  165. Sheryl

    No the Easter Bunny only brings baskets to the kids. He has so much to do he is exhausted.

  166. Hesper Fry

    I don’t get an Easter basket, but my kids do!

  167. Trisha Musgrave

    I do celebrate Easter. My kids get a basket, but I don’t anymore!

  168. victoria

    Mother’s don’t get baskets. However, I do make them for my kids and husband.

  169. Julie Bickham

    I didn’t get a Easter basket the past couple years….boo!

  170. Anita Jude

    No but I would love to get one

  171. Sheila Hickmon

    We celebrate but I don’t get an Easter Basket anymore! I tried to talk my mom into it though 🙂

  172. Carolyn Daley

    We only do Easter baskets for my nephew.

  173. Buddy Garrett

    I don’t get Easter baskets.

  174. Vikki Billings

    I do not get an Easter basket anymore.

  175. Jeanine Jones

    Once we have kids, then no more Easter baskets for us! ?? but that’s ok! I just buy reeses eggs and I’m good to go!

  176. Trisha McKee

    I don’t get a basket but I still give my grown kids easter baskets.

  177. Senna Kory

    Yes, we still give Easter baskets to everyone in my family!

  178. Meme

    The last couple of years my niece has given the family one to shate

  179. Sarah L

    No Easter basket here. That’s why I’d love to win this one.
    Thanks for the contest.

  180. AEKZ2

    I don’t get an Easter basket, but my kids do.

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