Friday’s Letters

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Dear B, Congrats, I am so proud of you!

Dear This Week, So far you’ve been busy, but still very fun. Let’s keep it up.

Dear The Perfect White Jeans, Where are you? Why can’t I find you?

Dear The Royal Wedding,!

Dear People On eBay, Why do you bid and not pay? WHY?

Dear East Lansing, I miss you. So much.

Dear L, That paper crane you had to make was a serious task. Origami is no joke. #familyeffort

Dear Running Outside, You are still diffcult. I don’t hate you though.

Dear My Internet, Why are you still so slow?  It makes no sense!

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  1. Zelene

    Yep, the white jeans are hard to find, the ones I had pre current size were perfect, I found them in GAP factory, but this year in my current size I just cannot find a pair that I really like ? I tried several stores and they are too tight or too see through or too not really white or with to many holes in them ? I think I may need a day alone in the outlets so I can hunt them ? they only problem is I do not know what else I could find in the difficult process ?

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