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Not sure why I stopped doing these, but I am bringing them back!

Currently Buying

Trader Joe’s Candles. For $4 a pop, these are amazing candles. I want some new Bath & Body Works ones, but I also know that their crazy candle sale is coming up in the next few months, so I am trying to hold off.  These will hold me over perfectly.

Fall Candles Are Here!!!! from r/traderjoes

Currently Looking Forward To

Selling the Condo! Yep, still looking forward to selling that place!

Currently Reading…

Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand: I just started this book, which is one of the October Book of the Month selections.  I am hoping to finish over the weekend.

Currently Working On

M2M Sale Stuff. For the next two days anyway ;).  Then I am “free” again until Spring.  At least free from M2M stuff. You know I have volunteered for a million other things in between now and then ;).

Currently Drinking

Strongbow Minis. I found these yesterday at the grocery store and already want to stock up on more.  I need to do it soon because it turns out these are expired.  The date is on the bottom of the can so you don’t technically know this until you buy them.  I think they taste fine and need to pick up a few more “cases” (the minis come in a 4-pack and  are 5oz/each) before they get pulled.

Currently Loving

Poshmark. The addiction continues.  I want to declutter this house once and for all and Poshmark is making it happen.  My favorite is when someone just buys my listings without making an offer first.  Spoiler Alert – I’ll also take less than I am asking!

Currently Thrilled With

My Hair. O.M.G. was my hair a mess.  I finally made an appointment to see my girl this week and she fixed me back up again.  It had been 18 weeks since I had been in there.  ACK.  My hair was so gray it was almost glittering under the salon lights.  I feel like a new person with my fresh cut and color!

What are you Currently Up To, Loving, Watching, Buying, Eating, Etc?


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  1. Zelene

    I want to try selling at Poshmark, but I still don?t know, I am scare of my lack of selling experience ?
    Those Traders candles smell amazing but the apartment building we live in decided to change the policy and we cannot have real candles anymore, so know I have a bunch of new candles that I am not sure what to do with them ?

    Right now I am doing/looking/finding christmas presents and winter shopping, my kids changed clothing sizes this year.

    1. Jennifer R Davis

      Those candles would probably sell rather well on poshmark. Its super easy…give it a try!!

  2. victoria

    whats your name on poshmark?!

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