Aldi 2018 WINE & Cheese Advent Calendars – In Store Today

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Aldi 2018 WINE & Cheese Advent Calendars - In Store Today

The Aldi Festive Collection Wine and Cheese Advent Calendars went on sale in-store (only) today!  Stores only had limited quantities and they sold out FAST (like before the store even opened fast), so there are a lot of disappointed people out there.

I went to my store after I dropped off my kids at school and got there maybe 5 minutes after they opened. People lined up outside the store before they opened and the employees were handing out coupons that allowed you to purchase the Wine Calendar at the register. Since all the coupons were long gone (I would guess they had 24 wine calendars in all), I grabbed a cheese one from the cooler (they sold out about two minutes after I grabbed mine) and got in line (it was long).  The gentleman in front of me had a coupon so they rang up his wine advent (he had a cheese one too) and he was very confused when they told him his total was $100+.  It appears he thought the coupon he was handed in line meant that the calendars were FREE.  Needless to say he did not want them, so I was able to snag his wine one!  SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!

My mom went to her store about  15 minutes before they opened and was the 2nd in line. She easily got a coupon.  She said her store only got 12 though.  Eek!  So basically it sounds like if you didn’t get in line before they opened or get incredibly lucky like I did, you didn’t get one.  Hopefully next year they produce these in mass quantities because the demand is HUGE!!!   If you were able to snag one, what was your experience?

Wine Advent Details ($69.99)

  • 2 x Prosecco Extra Dry, Italy
  • 2 x Chardonnay, Australia
  • 2 x Chenin Blanc, South Africa
  • 2 x Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
  • 2 x White Zinfandel, U.S.A.
  • 2 x Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
  • 2 x Pinot Grigio, Italy
  • 2 x Malbec, Argentina
  • 2 x Shiraz, Australia
  • 2 x Red Blend, Italy
  • 2 x Merlot, Chile
  • 2 x Sauvignon Blanc, Chile


Cheese Advent Details ($12.99)

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  1. Dharshi

    My husband got to our local Aldi at 9:05 am and the wine advent calendars were all gone. He picked up a cheese one. He said there was a woman who bought 10 wine advent calendars, but didn?t get a cart so she went back and forth from the register (after she paid) to her car. They didn?t hand out coupons at our store. Hopefully next year!

    1. Jennifer

      They should not have allowed that. It was one per customer ;(.

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