Subscription Box Ramblings Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!

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Subscription Box Ramblings Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!
It’s time for another giveaway! The Stocking Stuffer Giveaway includes an assortment of my favorite, you guessed it, stocking stuffers! One winner will receive:

~YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug with Lid (White) ($24.99)
~Women’s DIY Knitting Kit Scarf – Wild Fable™ Gray One Size ($20)
~Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie Bow Velvet (Black) ($14.99)
~Merry String Charger iPhone Cord ($13)
~Vital Proteins Collagen Bar – 6 Pack Variety Bundle ($15)
~Native Candy Cane Mini Deodorant – 0.35oz ($2.99)
~Kopari Kiss of Coco Full Size Lip Glossy Set ($20)

If you want to win these Stocking Stuffers, just enter in the Rafflecopter box / widget below (if you can’t see it head here).   Good luck!!!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Ramblings of a Suburban Mom – Subscription Box Ramblings and is not in any way sponsored by or associated with any of the brands / products included in the giveaway, their subsidiaries or affiliates. Please read the Official Rules which are located in the Rafflecopter widget under “Terms and Conditions” prior to entry. Please note this giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only. 18 years of age or older.

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This Post Has 128 Comments

  1. Rose G

    Nope! Stockings are unwrapped.

  2. Cheryl

    I wish he did. I wap the presents in our stockings.

  3. Laura

    I’ll wrap the presents from Santa, but stocking goodies are unwrapped!

  4. Marie

    No, he mostly just puts candy on the stockings

  5. Hayley

    My stocking presents are not wrapped! I love the phone charger–so cute!

  6. Sara Zielinski

    Santa Definitely wraps the presents in my stocking!

  7. Jmd

    Nope, stocking stuffers are usually unwrapped except for candy which is usually wrapped on its own.

  8. Caroline

    Yes! Everything is wrapped.

    1. Alaina M.

      There isn’t any stockings.

  9. Nat

    Santa does wrap them! but maybe not in the future…

  10. Ann Fantom

    Yes, Santa’s always wraps our stocking presents

  11. paige chandler

    No he does not.

  12. Jeffrey

    Santa does not take the time to do that, probably busy eating the cookies we leave out!

  13. Melissa A

    Yes, Santa wraps the stocking stuffers!

  14. ro delaney

    No wrapping in this house.. Santa is too tired.

  15. Terri S

    some of each according to what it is. thanks!

  16. Erika

    No. They are unwrapped

  17. MaryAnn

    Nope! Stocking presents are unwrapped. 🙂

    Except for that year my sister-in-law convinced us to *only* do stockings. (Not my favorite idea.) That year we wrapped stocking stuffers ’cause there was nothing else to wrap!


    Nope… Santa never wraps my presents in my stocking. No big deal though.


    Santa always wraps stocking stuffers!

  20. Lisa

    Presents in stockings aren’t wrapped for me.

  21. Brandy Graham

    No he doesnt wrap the presents in the stocking.

  22. Jen

    No, Santa doesn’t wrap any of the presents.

  23. Ana

    Nope nope he does not wrap the presents in the stockings.

  24. Lauren M. Minish

    nope, no wrapped presents in my stocking from Santa, all Santa’s presents don’t have wrapping paper

  25. Jessica A

    Yes, in my family we place all our gifts in the stocking wrapped (if they fit) during the night before. This is a non-kid home.

  26. Angela Trupo

    No. Santa (me, usually) is pretty lazy.

  27. Wendy

    Yes! Everything in the stockings is wrapped. Part of the fun is opening all the tiny gifts.

  28. Jodie Kingsbury

    Santa does not wrap presents in stocking. I (oops Santa) would go crazy wrapping such little things.

    Love your advent wine unboxings.

  29. marilyn

    No, but the stocking are mostly candy holders.

  30. Diane F

    Yes, everything is wrapped.



  32. Maria A. Malaveci

    No he doesn’t! ?

  33. Linda G

    Oh yes Santa wraps the presents in all our stockings!

  34. Tracie Cooper

    Santa does NOT wrap stocking presents!

  35. Debbi Wellenstein

    No, he does not!

  36. Nicole Midgley

    Some stocking presents are wrapped from us, some are wrapped from Santa!

  37. Esmeralda

    Santa usually doesn’t wrap gifts in stockings.. thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Janalyn Ballard

    normal not wraapped

  39. Barbara Lima

    Of course! At least most of them. (That way there is more anticipation!)

  40. Tiffany Banks

    Some are wrapped and some aren’t 🙂

  41. Jaque Richards

    Santa wraps some of the stocking gifts but leaves a couple unwrapped. 🙂

  42. Megan McCarty

    Santa wraps many of the presents, but not every single thing. He skips things like candy but will wrap small items like toys or new cups.

  43. Sara

    Stocking presents are still wrapped presents in my house. Our stockings normally hold small items, so it’s a great way to use up wrapping paper scraps!

  44. Maura

    Only if it’s an expensive stocking stuffer!

  45. Brittany

    Yes, he does! It makes it so much fun to open all the little things 🙂

  46. Nicole Byer

    Yes. The stocking gifts are wrapped

  47. Sophie

    Nope, stockings are unwrapped! Also, what an amazing giveaway!

  48. Susan

    Stocking stuffers are always unwrapped!

  49. Enrica

    Santa does not wrap presents in my stocking. He puts candy in it 🙂

  50. Kara Krause

    Yes, Santa wraps some of the stocking stuffers. That is how the girls know what wrapping paper is theirs.

  51. Nicole A.

    Nope, we don’t wrap stocking stuffers. Our parents didn’t either, so that’s probably why ?????

  52. Tara

    Yes! Santa is crazy over here wraps presents in their own wrapping paper and stocking stuffers in their own colored tissue paper! Santa should prob get wrapping!

  53. Katherine

    Nope, always unwrapped.

  54. Susan K

    Santa wraps some of the stuffers but not all. The ones sticking out at the top are wrapped and decorated.

  55. Gabrielle

    Of course Santa wraps my prezzies!

  56. Breanne

    No, all gifts from Santa are unwrapped.

  57. Zelene

    Nope, Santa is a little bit lazy when they are lots of different sizes

  58. Nich

    Stocking presents are unwrapped

  59. Leanne

    When I was a kid, Santa wrapped some of the stocking gifts. Not since I grew up, though!

  60. Dana Rodriguez

    Not for stockings!

  61. Tracy Shafer

    Yes. The gifts in the stocking were always from Santa.

  62. Miranda

    No way! The stocking is the wrapping

  63. Gary

    No need for wrapping gifts in the stocking

  64. Bill

    Santa doesn’t wrap gifts in stockings at our house

  65. Lauren

    Stocking presents are not wrapped in our house…who has time for that?!

  66. Sue Barney

    No unless its a special Santa present 🙂

  67. Lindsay Rosiek

    Nope! Santa doesn’t have time to wrap the stocking stuffers!

  68. Sandy Sawyer

    No we just put unwrapped gifts in the stockings. Stockings are filled with small treasures. I put a lot of thought into stockings gifts.

  69. Amanda Whitley

    no santa does enough wrapping so stocking is unwrapped.

  70. Emily R.

    No, Santa does not wrap stocking gifts.

  71. Meghan

    Santa doesn’t wrap stocking presents but he does leave larger wrapped presents

  72. Heather Stone

    I leave everything unwrapped….there is 7 of (mainly just the 5 kids get stocking stuffers) to me that would take forever for me wrap and then since we do one kid at a time…them to have each unwrap.

  73. Amanda S

    Nope! Santa doesn’t wrap our stocking gifts but sometimes I feel like they should be because the people in my house like to try peeking in stockings. Lol

  74. Lisa

    We do not wrap stocking stuffers.

  75. kathy Persons

    No he doesn’t. I don’t either

  76. Karen

    Nope, Santa don’t got time for that!

    1. Buddy Garrett

      Santa doesn’t wrap them.

  77. kimrk56

    No, nothing is wrapped in my stocking.

  78. jennifer cervantes

    No. santa doesn’t wrap the presents in our stockings.

  79. Gwendolyn Jordan

    No, He does not wrap, he’s lazy

  80. Ali Celestino

    Yes presents are wrapped in the stockings every year but in the same color wrapping paper or tissue paper.

  81. Maritza

    No Santa doesn’t wrap our stocking stuffers.

  82. Brittany Raisor

    Santa sure does wrap the presents in my stocking!

  83. Priscilla S.

    No, but he fills my stocking to the brim!

  84. Lauren M Hecker

    Sometimes Santa will wrap the presents in my stocking, but somtimes he sticks fruit in there and those are unwrapped!

  85. Chris L

    Santa used to wrap things, but he got lazy over the years.

  86. Shannon citrino

    Stocking stuffers are always wrapped in my home. Makes it more exciting!!

  87. Lanie

    We don’t do stockings (cause we’re Jewish) but I imagine if we did I wouldn’t wrap anything in them.

  88. Karley Moore

    Yes, Santa wraps all the presents at my house. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  89. Antoinette M

    No, gifts in stockings are unwrapped.

  90. Bridgett Wilbur

    Yes we have always wrapped the stuff for the kids in there stockings.

  91. Cynthia Richardson

    We always wrapped stocking gifts

  92. Audrey Stewart

    Yes. That is so interesting that you asked that. My sister loves to wrap all the little trinkets and things.

  93. Darlene Owen

    Yes Santa wraps the presents in the stockings.

  94. kathy pease

    No Santa doesn’t even like wrapping the big ones. lol

  95. Susan Chester

    Santa may wrap one or two, but for the most part the items in my stocking are unwrapped.

  96. Kelly A

    My parents never wrapped my stocking stuffers and I don’t either!

  97. Carolyn Daley

    Nope. Nothing in the stockings are wrapped.

  98. WendyM

    It depends on the year- no stockings this year. At least we got a real tree & did outdoor lights!

  99. Sarah L

    No, he’s very lazy and just hides them inside the stocking….
    Thanks for the contest.

  100. Beth Stephens

    No, stockings are unwrapped.

  101. Donna Porter

    No Santa does not wrap stocking goodies.

  102. Diane Wolf

    Yes, Santa wraps everything in the stockings!

  103. Lisa Damone

    Nope! Santa usually leaves candy and unwrapped gift cards in our stockings, but these would be fabulous additions! ????

  104. Lisa

    Yes, santa always wraps stocking stuffers except for the orange and nuts of course!

  105. Brian

    Of course. Santa wraps all his presents!

  106. melissa meier bean

    Santa wraps the gifts in our stockings ?

  107. Katrina Brockavich

    Our stocking presents are unwrapped. We found that we didn’t want to buy different wrapping paper for the stockings but didn’t want to explain how Santa wrapped presents with our paper!

  108. Hannah Tindle

    I’ve never thought about doing that before ?

  109. Sandra

    Yes he wraps the presents in my stocking!

  110. Lauren Becker

    I think some were wrapped in the past!

  111. Wendy Sowles

    I love your site! I just found it today. I am following you on instagram, subscribed, and put you in my favorites! Keep up the good work! You must be really busy keeping up on all these things I spend hours searching. Now I can just click on your site, because you already spent hours searching! You are awesome!

  112. Amy Deeter

    Usually he just puts them in the stocking

  113. Rachel B

    No Santa dont wrap the gifts in the stockings

  114. Trisha Musgrave

    Yes Santa wrps most presents that go in the stocking!

  115. Abigail

    Growing up – No. But my husband is adamant so now we wrap EVERYTHING!

  116. AEKZ2

    Santa doesn’t wrap any presents in my household.

  117. Leah Shumack

    Some of the gifts in the stocking are always wrapped!

  118. Mary Gardner

    No, Santa never wrapped my stocking presents.

  119. Candie L

    Santa has never wrapped the presents in my stocking. I feel gipped. Thank you

  120. Jenn S

    heck yes he does!

  121. Melissa Storms

    Yes, Santa wraps everything including in the stockings.

  122. Mya Murphy

    No.. We don’t wrap stocking gifts..

  123. Jeff F

    Santa wraps about 50% of the presents in the stockings.

  124. Laurie Nykaza

    Our different stocking presents are not wrapped.

  125. Dorothy J Reynolds

    The presents in the stocking don’t get wrapped because I never thought of it before. That’s a good idea.

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