Truly Summer Fridays Advent Calendar Review

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My Truly Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar has arrived and thought I would do a quick review on it while they are still available. Otherwise I’d have to wait till the end of the Summer when I was finished. The Truly Summer Fridays Calendar is $39 (it was $45.95 with shipping) and includes 16 cans of Truly Hard Seltzer (one of each of Truly’s 16 flavors).

Description From Give Them Beer:
Summer of Seltzer is coming…and Truly Hard Seltzer is here to kick it off with the Truly Summer Fridays calendar, the first-ever variety pack to include all 16 of Truly’s flavors, so drinkers can crack open a surprise can every summer Friday (or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Monday? The days are all blending together?!) Just pop open the punch slot for sweet, seltzery bliss. Use it to keep track of the end of the workweek, or to kick off your 15th week of sheltering in place – however you seltzer, the Truly Summer Fridays calendar is here for you.

Available for delivery in late May – Supplies are Limited – Reserve Yours Today!

Truly Summer Fridays Advent Calendar Review
Like a traditional advent calendar, each hard seltzer is housed behind a numbered door.  It’s rather large, so I think I am going to take out my seltzer for that week on the Wednesday before my “Summer Friday” and chill it rather than trying to fit this entire thing in the fridge all summer.

Technically Summer starts on June 20th, which would mean my first “Summer Friday” was 6/26/20 and my sixteen “Summer Fridays” would end an 10/9/20. But I am using the unofficial start of summer as Memorial Day and will be starting my calendar on 5/29/20 and ending on 9/11/20.  September 2020 feels like a lifetime from now to tell you the truth, but I am going to do my best to stick with the theme and only crack one Truly (at least only one from this calendar) every Friday!

In addition to a can of Truly, each Summer Friday slot also has a sticker with a fun quote.  I think “Sun’s Out. Seltzers Out” is my favorite.

Truly Summer Fridays Advent Calendar Review

The calendar includes 1 each of the following flavors:
1: Mango Lemonade
2: Passion Fruit
3: Orange
4: Wild Berry
5: Black Cherry Lemonade
6: Mango
7: Lime
8: Black Cherry
9: Strawberry Lemonade
10: Watermelon & Kiwi
11: Grapefuit
12: Raspberry Lime
13: Original Lemonade
14: Pineapple
15: Lemon
16: Blueberry & Acai

I am planning on adding review of all these Truly Hard Seltzers, plus others in my Instagram highlights (see the Hard Seltzer bubble) so check that out if you are curious!

What do you think of the Truly Summer Fridays Calendar?  If you want to pick one up, you can find them at Give Them Beer while supplies last.

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