Among Us Advent Calendar 2020 – On Sale Now 19

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Note: I ordered this on 11.12.20 and have yet to receive shipping notification.  I am opening a PayPal complaint. ;(

I’ve been racking my brain trying to find Advent Calendars my boys would LOVE and this might be it! The Among Us Advent Calendar is $36.99 (reg. $55.98) and includes 24 days of stickers, keychains and figures! CUTE!!!

From Amoung Us:
Every day of the holiday is exciting! Each numbered door in this holiday calendar may contain One Piece figures, One Piece keychains and stickers.Children will always be curious about it! Children can create and show their own One Piece Christmas scenes!

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19 thoughts on “Among Us Advent Calendar 2020 – On Sale Now

        • Jennifer Post author

          No sign of it yet. I only ordered on the 11th though. I used my credit card through PayPal, so I felt like if worse comes to worse and it doesn’t come, I can file a dispute. I really want it though! I’ll keep this updated!

          • Katy Walmsley

            Did you receive your calendar yet? I suppose at this point even if I order it it won’t arrive by Dec. 1!

          • Jennifer Post author

            Nope!!!! I was just thinking about that too. I’ll give it another week!! I really want it to come because my kids would LOVE it!

  • Jeanette Brown

    I ordered two on 13th November still no sign – tracking from the company does not work – I’ve opened up a Pay Pal dispute I think it’s a scam site. The “customer services ” even though they’ve changed the shop front are talking to me promising it will come but I don’t believe them…….

  • Jeanette Brown

    I’m escalating via Paypal too My tracking was this Tracking number: JJD0002247056533357 – when I go through the link it says with YODEL but they told me in an email is was DHL (Who do not recognise that number). The YODEL one is recognised but says as of 19th November that they are still waiting for the package to be given to them. They claim to be shipping from USA (I’m in UK). Can any of you say if you got eh same fake tracking number would help our paypal cases!!

    • Jennifer Post author

      Okay mine is different as well. I am in the US and the last 4 of mine are 6043. Of course, it hasn’t started moving at all. There is no way they are from the US??

      • tracy

        Looks like China but who knows – I sent a note after they said 15% off and will receive in 10-15 days – saying you should know what an advent calendar is!! But it does seem like China b/c it might be coming internationally. They said they weren’t going to refund but I’m going through both Paypal and American Express.

    • Jeanette Brown

      They offered me 50% refund with a promise if did not come in another 7-10 days would then they refund the other 50% but I would have had to close the paypal case – I refused as I don’t trust that they will repay the reminder 50% and I don’t think I could claim the other 50% on paypal if agreed to first offer. I bought 2 packs so was $72!!! I’ve sent them loads of info demanding full refund. Funny enough they’ve not come back to me yet. I will be escalating to paypal to resolve next.