Crown Royal Whisky Tasting Advent Calendar – Mini Review

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It took me a while, but I finally located the Crown Royal Whisky Tasting Advent Calendar! And since it has been quite a popular search here I thought I would do a mini review and give a little more information on it.

The calendar includes two 50mL bottles of each of the following:
-Fine de Luxe
-Regal Apple
-Salted Caramel

Other Details
The colored doors indicate which whiskey is behind each door.  Green = Apple.  Peach = Peach.  Cream = Vanilla.  Grey = Black.  Purple = Fine de Luxe.  Yellow = Salted Caramel.  Unliked the Jim Beam Whiskies of the Season Advent Calendar, there are no drink recipes in this Crown one.

How to Find It
Originally I thought this was only available at Costco, but I came across it this morning at the PX (on our local Military base) and I found an article indicating that it was also available at Walmart.  Check the liquor aisle, the seasonal area and also any area that displays liquor gift sets. You can also call your local Costco and ask if they carry Item #14488798 and they should be able to tell you if it is in stock and / or if they anticipate receiving it.

Prices seem to vary by store (and maybe by region). Below is a sampling of prices I have seen.
Costco: $32.99
Walmart: $39.98
Meijer: Unknown, but I found this link that may be updating with stock details in your local Meijer store!
Reserve Bar: $65 I am not familiar with this website/company, but it looks like they ship to certain states and have it in stock.
Post Exchange (PX) (Military Base): $42.90

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    Thank you ever so much for the help. Now I just have to hope our base BX has it. May have to go hunt in another town.

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