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-Good morning! Today is a big day around here because it’s L’s 13th BIRTHDAY!! A teenager! Such a big birthday and we can’t wait to celebrate after school.

-Have we talked about Tru Fru yet?  If not, we need to!  Fresh fruit covered in white & milk (or dark) chocolate and then hyper-chilled (whatever that means). It’s in the frozen fruit section and SO SO SO good! I have been trying to eat better (it’s been 3 days and I am already over it), but these don’t taste “healthy”.

-I posted a while back that I am trying to avoid unnecessary Target / WalMart, etc. clothing purchases and it’s going well!  I haven’t bought a piece of “fast fashion” clothing or pair of shoes (well except these slippers) in months.  I do want to make a Shein purchase though, so things aren’t going perfectly by any means.  Have you ever purchased from Shein?  What did you think???

That’s it from here!  Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!! 

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  1. Angie

    I purchased from Shein once and cannot reccomend it, it was the cheapest made clothing I’ve ever seen.

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