The Medicis Advent Calendar – Now Available

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The Medicis Advent Calendar is on sale now.The calendar is $49.95 and includes:

  • Palet Chocolat 72%: Button of dark chocolate from Ghana and Ecuador.
  • Givrés Caramel: Salted butter caramel coated in gianduja chocolate.
  • Fruit du Jardin Poire: Pear fruit jelly coated in dark chocolate.
  • Palet Karanga 36%: Button of caramel and milk chocolate.
  • Amande Guiriga: Roasted almond layered with nougat cream and chocolate.
  • Caprice Nougat: Roasted hazelnut covered with nougat cream and chocolate.
  • Duo Caramel: Chocolate milk caramel with crispy nougatine.
  • Amour de Viennoise: Roasted almond covered with vanilla white chocolate.
  • Red and White Lérida: Classic sugared almonds.
  • Amande Tipika: Roasted almond covered with pure arabica cappuccino chocolate.
  • Marbella Amande Noire: Roasted almond covered in dark chocolate.
  • Palet Tonjara 70%: Button of premium Madagascar dark chocolate.
  • Caprice Gianduja: Roasted hazelnut covered with gianduja chocolate.
  • Amande Tikal: Roasted almond covered with gianduja chocolate and rolled in icing sugar.
  • Praline au Chocolat: Brown sugar almond covered in milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa.
  • Palet Zomanga 38%: Button of premium Madagascar milk chocolate.
  • Marbella Amande Lait: Roasted almond enrobed in milk chocolate.
  • Caprice Caramel: Roasted hazelnut covered in caramel milk chocolate.

From Williams Sonoma
Long associated with celebrations, glazed almonds dazzled guests at the Renaissance wedding feast of Catherine de Médicis and the future King Henry II of France. The treats are among those hidden in our advent calendar, which holds an irresistible surprise for every December day until Christmas. From Madagascar chocolate buttons to nougat-dipped caramels and chocolate-covered pear jelly, the confections are crafted for us at an esteemed family-owned business in France.

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