Sunday Sentiments

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-How is it already Sunday? We had a good weekend. A little boring, but we got lots of stuff done around the house. I put up my Christmas decorations last week and love that I got that all out of the way early!

-Speaking of Christmas decorations I was talking about these Holiballs on Instagram and shared how I bought a few. If you aren’t familiar, these are inflatable Christmas ornaments (they were actually on Shark Tank). They can be used indoors or outside and you can hang them from trees, attach them to walls, float them in your pool, basically whatever. Anyway, I got them set outside and my red one ended up blowing away. Granted it I didn’t have it staked down well and it was windy. LOL. So we found it down the street and B went out and restaked them all in the ground and I thought they were SO secure. Uhh, no. My green one is MIA. The topper is sitting on my lawn, but the ball itself is no where to be found. I literally have no idea where it went.  So while I do think these are adorable, I can’t say I recommend them for outside use.  UGH.  Where is that thing!!!!

-Have you tried the new Sugar Cookie Latte from Starbucks? I haven’t tried the iced version yet (it’s COLD here), but the warm one with Oat Milk instead of Almond Milk is so good. 10/10!

-We have been watching Dope Sick on Hulu and wow.  Just wow.  A actually read a book on the opioid crisis a few years ago (it was called Dreamland) so I was familiar enough with the story, but it still is just such a fascinating watch.  I recommend the show and the book!

-I need ideas for cute winter date night tops. Not as heavy as like a sweater, but also not a tank. Where do you shop for these???  HELP!!!

-That’s it from here.  Have a great night!

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    Try for cute tops. I’ve loved everything I’ve bought from them.

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