Shaker and Spoon July 2022 Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the July 2022 Shaker & Spoon box!  The box theme is Sun’s Out, Rums Out Box!

Many a conversation has kicked off with this clichéd but effective icebreaker: What would you bring with you to a deserted island? A hammock, boogie board, or good book would certainly fit the bill—but if the category is island drinks, then there’s another slam-dunk case to be made.

That rum is right at home among crashing waves and private coves should come as no surprise given its Caribbean beginnings. Even far from the sandy shores, though, this spirit can satisfy just as naturally at your landlocked cocktail den of choice, in a wide range of styles and alongside an endless array of flavor companions. 

This versatility is on full display in the Sun’s Out, Rums Out Box. We’ll be serving up complex and oak barrel–impacted rum in three distinct and delicious ways, all with a nudge and a nod to the spirit’s beloved sun-and-sand sensibilities. Subscribe now through June 30th (while supplies last!) to get this box—shipping the week of July 4th.



It’ll surely perk you up, but Kate Gerwin’s Wake me up before you GO GO isn’t just any ol’ iced coffee. For starters, there’s aged rum buzzing throughout, which sets a superior summer scene as it catches a wave of rich coconut syrup.

After that? Wham! The signature quenching quinine kick of tonic water acts as the cool-off and changes the character—of what would be a rather robust cocktail!—completely for the brighter.


Life’s got just a little more Luster with a cocktail that embodies the surroundings of a sun-soaked tropical locale. Steva Casey greets you there with this welcome drink, which complements and deepens the spice notes of aged rum with honey-fig syrup and an espresso salt rim.

But it’s the islands, after all, and an invigorating taste from a tropical ginger beer—pulsing with the flavors of pineapple, mango, and passion fruit—adjusts and anchors the vibes of swimsuits and shades accordingly.


A treasure chest appears, and an open sesame reveals a stiff but summery old fashioned that’s got its share of secrets to spill. The Gentleman Pirate from (U.S. Bartender of the Year nominee!) Caer Maiko gives aged rum a subtle new savory set of flavors by way of a sesame oil fat wash.

And what’s Arrrrgh-uably the perfect accompaniment for such an elevated sense of nuttiness? A syrup ripe with bananas, of course, along with the roasty accents of chicory bitters.

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