KiwiCo STEM Halloween Bundle

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KiwiCo. is offering a STEM Halloween Bundle. The bundle is $57.95 (a $67.85 value) and includes:

Bubbling Cauldron

Design a felt witch and construct the witch’s lair, complete with a cauldron connected to a hidden pump. Mix together a witchy brew using citric acid and colored baking soda, use the pump to add water, then watch your cauldron bubble and boil in a creepy chemical reaction!
Individual price: $27.95

Puking Pumpkin Science

Add a dash of spooky science to your Halloween decor — with an eerie, oozy chemical concoction you whip up yourself! Put your measuring and color-mixing skills to the test while blending together baking soda, foaming gel, and liquid colors. Pour the mixture into a carved pumpkin from home, add water and citric acid, then sit back as the chemicals react and make your pumpkin “puke”! Barf has never before been such a blast.
Individual price: $14.95

Spooky Halloween Science

Discover the shocking science of static electricity with three spooky experiments! Raise paper ghosts from the grave with a static-charged wand. Make a mini jack-o’-lantern spark and flash with the help of a balloon. Send eyeballs rolling across a charged sheet, then make them scoot away from your hand — all without actually touching them. Then keep the fun and learning going with more electrifying experiments you can conduct using materials from home!
Individual price: $24.95

What is KiwiCo and their family of boxes?

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