Shaker and Spoon July 2023 Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the July 2023 Shaker & Spoon box!

Getting hot enough for ya?! The dog days of summer are certainly on their way. But if you’re filling out a top five of icy cocktail favorites that help cut through the rising temperatures, chances are there’s a spirit that’s not on your list.

The big boom for pisco—regularly forecasted but never quite materializing—might actually now be on the horizon. The numbers are on the up over the last few years as people’s tastes have veered more global—and how could they not, with one taste of such unblemished beauty.

One reason that popularity might continue to surge is this priority the traditional process places on the pure expression of the grape. But you know what else is going to help pisco fever to take hold? Cocktails!

There are a few longtime favorites that keep it a staple on shelves, but the potential for a clear spirit with a shimmeringly smooth and subtle fruity backbone can be so much more. And you can get to know it a lot better in next month’s scorching-hot Pisco Inferno Boxbound to be a certified-platinum smash hit!

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When we say “pisco,” you (will likely) say “sour!” This classic cocktail—created in Peru circa 1920 by an American expat—somehow has stronger name recognition than its indispensable spirit!

Sother Teague, ever the tasteful tinkerer, has some additional flavors in mind that pair excellently with the great subtle grapeness of the base. Without a Country treats pisco to the familiar velvety froth of egg white (with a suggestion for a vegan alternative), and then grabs some items from the global pantry, such as almondy island-spiced falernum syrup, Som pineapple Szechuan pepper cordial, and creole bitters


Thanks to Lima-born Enrique Sanchez, the traditional “purple month” celebration honoring the patron saint of Peruvians can now be tapped into year-round. The masses await you to join in spirit by stirring up this cocktail featuring a beverage that’s enjoyed around the clock in the country: chicha morada.

A boldly hued brew of purple corn, fruit peels, and spices, it has a mellow taste, often likened to mulled wine with its subtly dry tannic edge. However, it’s but one ingredient in the Mes Morado cocktail, which links it up with a veritable parade of pisco, pineapple gum syrup, and a touch of complex and bitter Underberg digestif. 


The incredible unoaked lightness of pisco grants some space to play with accompaniments that add richness and depth in the old fashioned cocktail format—something Chris Hannah, the 2022 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards US Bartender of the Year, was eager to do with his Barranco

Fig was chosen as the star of the syrup to ably pitch in those warming qualities. But special mention must be paid to its dashing brand of bitters—Bitter Queens Caribbean Spice—which shoots off various pops of flavor fireworks corresponding to each part of its tropical, citrusy, floral, and spiced bouquet, a sensation extended for even longer in time thanks to the undiluting power of a coconut water ice cube! 

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