Shaker and Spoon September 2023 Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the September 2023 Shaker & Spoon box!

When it came time to plan our upcoming box, the three voices behind it topped the list! And, considering the show’s title—why not travel back in time to honor the spirit of that era, while we’re at it?!

The name of the game back in the early 1900s was low overhead and even lower awareness. The quieter the cocktail sipping—ones mainly made from bootlegged or bathtub-derived spirits—the better. And the speakeasy is a tradition that continues on to this day. Establishments currently exist around the world where you may need to navigate a repurposed public lavatory, a flower shop refrigerator, or even the scoreboard at an MLB stadium to gain entry.

To tap into this mindset of hush-hush hideaways, follow the three hosts to The Speakeasy Box, where they’re whipping up gin cocktails that have some conceptual roots in the past, but are packed with a forward-thinking creativity that can only exist in the ’20s of today. No password, no nondescript brick wall to push, just some easygoing and delicious gin fun right to your door!


The gin and tonic. Where there’s fresh air, a sliver of a sunset, and an open bar, it’s difficult to ever pass up such a refreshing pick-me-up.

Damon Boelte’s G&T relies on gin and an elite tonic to bring those best-party-ever vibes. But his next clever turn won’t go unnoticed: swapping out the single lonely citrus wedge for a warming wave of tropical, buttery-sweet pandan and banana. The Pan-Dana Tonic is ready to switch your next gathering from repetitious to roaring!


The days of slapdash spirit-making and furtively flavoring your homemade gin are thankfully over. But as the amazingly aromatic Bathtub Old Fashioned proves, it’s still a tasty exercise to take in mind the bouquet of botanicals in your gin and then pitch in some of your own to match.

To honor those maverick mixologists of yore, Greg Benson’s strategy is also firmly more is more—thyme-rooibos syrup, hopped pear bitters, aloe, and a thyme-rosemary spritz!

Sother Teague’s Bear Hat is a master stroke of bright fruit flavor served either daintily chilled and up in a Nick & Nora glass or warm in an Irish coffee mug or discreet teacup—which will help throw off any nosey parkers or prying special agents! 

The cocktail—a nod to one of the world’s most beloved bruins who always kept a marmalade sandwich in his hat for emergencies—certainly includes that irresistible orange jam, along with gin, a salted Ceylon-citrus syrup, drops of vanilla extract, and grated nutmeg.

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